Shell Scripts

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How to lock & unlock multiple users in Linux

‘usermod’ & ‘passwd’ commands are used to lock or unlock one user account at a time, but you may need to write some small shell scripts to perform this action …

Linux Commands

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Linux tee command with examples

The tee command reads standard input (stdin) and writes the result to standard output (stdout) and one or more files simultaneously. It basically displays the command output on the terminal …

How to use journalctl to analyze logs in Linux

Package Managers

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What is the difference between apt and apt-get command?

Most of us are often confused with the difference between apt and apt-get command. This confusion prevails among all the users, including beginners and experienced. These command line tools are …

Difference Between YUM and RPM

System Monitoring

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How to Monitor Disk I/O performance in Linux

Do you know, what tools are used to troubleshoot or monitor real-time disk I / O performance issues on Linux? In General,  top command will be used to view system …

Netutils-Linux : Set of tools to simplify Linux network trouble shooting and Performance Tuning

As a system administrator, you might know & use few utilities for network troubleshooting and performance tuning but in Linux we have many other options to use (I mean you …

Gtop – Awesome graphical system monitoring dashboard for terminal

As of now, we have covered plenty of command line system monitoring tools which is capable to print various system performance information with numeric values and doesn’t offers any graph. …