List of Linux acronyms and their details

About a week ago, I discussed with my friend some Linux topics.

At the time, he told me that he didn’t find a proper resource to find information about Linux command acronyms.

I did a little research, but I didn’t find what I wanted about this topic.

So I decided to write an article about it.

It may help others who are looking for this information.

We have added a very small number of acronyms at this time.

But I can say with certainty, over the period of time, we will load a dozen of abbreviations.

So I urge you to stay on this page.

Also, if you would like to contribute to this article I would request you to update the information about acronyms in the comment section.

We are very happy to update this on your behalf.

Linux Package Manager:

Command/Acronyms Description
yum Yellowdog Updater, Modified
dnf Dandified yum
rpm Red Hat Package Manager
apt Advanced Package Tool
dpkg Debian Package
YaST Yet another Setup Tool

File Transfer Commands:

Command/Acronyms Description
cp copy
scp Secure Copy
rsync Remote Sync
pssh Parallel Secure SHell
dsh Distributed Shell or Dancer’s Shell
ftp file transfer protocol
sftp secure file transfer protocol

Linux Filesystem Commands:

Command/Acronyms Description
fdisk fixed disk or format disk
Parted PARTition and EDitor
cfdisk curses fdisk
df Disk free
du Disk usage
fsck file system consistency check
UUID Universally Unique IDentifier of a partition
mkfs make filesystem
RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.
udev userspace /dev
ASM Automatic Storage Management
NFS Network file system
lsblk List block devices
fs Filesystem
SAN storage area network
scsi Small computer standard interface

Linux Text Processing:

Command/Acronyms Description
vi visual
vim vi improved
awk Aho, Weinberger, Kernighan (names of program authors)
emacs editing macros
fgrep fixed-string grep
egrep extended grep
grep global regular expression print
rm remove
umask user mask
sed stream editor
wc word count
xargs extended arguments
cat Concatenates

Linux File and Directory Management:

Command/Acronyms Description
mkdir make directory
rmdir Remove directories, if they are empty
tar tape archive
chown Change Owner
chmod Change Mode
chgrp Change Group
pwd Print working directory
cd Change directory

Linux User Management:

Command/Acronyms Description
id identity
umask user mask
su substitute user or Switch User or superuser
GID group identification
UID user identification
SUID set user ID
SGID set group ID

Linux Process Management:

Command/Acronyms Description
PID process identification number
PPID Parent Process identification number
ps process status
fg foreground
bg background
lsof list of open files

Linux Network Commands:

Command/Acronyms Description
nmap Network Mapper
ss Socket Statistics
netstat Network Statistics
dig Domain information groper
IP Internet protocol
TCP Transmission control protocol
ssh secure shell
NIC Network interface card
NTP Network time protocol
telnet Terminal over network
DHCP Dynamic host configuration protocol
LAN Local area network
MAC Media access control
MTU Maximum transmission unit
SNMP Simple network management protocol
VPN Virtual private network
WAN Wide area network
WAP Wireless access point/Wireless application protocol

Linux Hardware Information:

Command/Acronyms Description
lsusb List USB devices
lspci List all PCI devices
lsscsi List SCSI devices
vm Virtual memory
RAM Random access memory

Type of Linux Shells and Information:

Command/Acronyms Description
sh Bourne shell
bash GNU Bourne-Again Shell
ksh Korn shell
csh C shell
Fish Friendly interactive shell
chsh Change shell

Linux General Commands:

Command/Acronyms Description
  • SAR : System Activity Report
  • GRUB : GRand Unified Bootloader
  • DNS : Domain Name Service or Domain Name System
  • FQDN : Fully qualified domain names
  • DE : Desktop Environment
  • GUI : Graphical User Interface
  • UI : User Interface
  • LILO : Linux Loader
  • SELINUX : Security Enhanced Linux
  • SSL : Secure Sockets Layer
  • LAMP : Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • LAMPP : Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and PERL
  • http : Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • https : Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
  • PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor
  • init : initialization

awk – Aho, Weinberger, Kernighan (names of program authors)

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  1. DE stands for Desktop Environment,
    and I remember GUI stands for Graphical User Interface and UI stands for User Interface.

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