What’s the Best Lightweight Linux Desktop Environment for you ?

If you have old Windows XP PC or a netbook? Don’t throw away your old PC just yet and you can revive it with a lightweight Linux Desktop Environments.

How ? Distributions are consuming more resources majorly on GUI (Graphical User Interface), when you are having old hardware first you have to decide the desktop environment then distribution. Some Linux users would prefer a more lean & slim environment.

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One strange thing about old hardware is unusable, even though they are in good working condition. Modern Desktop environments or Distributions by default required more CPU & RAM.

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If you have old computer, don’t need to throw away, one of the below lightweight Linux Desktop Environment suit for you because these are consume very very less RAM & CPU among other popular desktop environments but lacking some modern features and you will get all the latest software not older one.

Here i’m going to list the lightweight Linux Desktop Environments based on the RAM & CPU utilization but i can’t say how much its consuming because its depends upon the application which you are running. You will never know until you try, so why not at least give it a go.

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The ultimate way to run a lightweight desktop environment is depends. I mean, minimize the software installation, and the way how you can keep processor & memory usage as low as possible.

#1) Enlightenment (128 MB)

Enlightenment initially started as a simply window manager, now it became a full functional desktop environment, also evolved to cover Mobile, Wearable and TV UI. It has too many options and too much flexibility, smaller, lighter, faster, nicer, fairly lean, ultra slim and consume very very low memory & resource, super fast desktop environments among other lightweight Desktops but lacking some modern features.

Additional they have migrated/converted from X11 to Wayland as a display manager (Others are still in development/testing with Wayland). Enlightenment is built on top of EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) and has own set of apps for basic functionality

Default Apps packaged with Enlightenment

  • Enlightenment : Default window & file manager
  • Terminology : Default Terminal Emulator
  • Rage : Default video and audio player
  • Ecrire : Default Text Editor
  • Ephoto : Default image viewer and editor


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One Comment on “What’s the Best Lightweight Linux Desktop Environment for you ?”

  1. Ha ha call them lightweight.

    This is lightweight and is feature full too.

    Window Maker

    Window Maker window manager provides the users with a consistent, clean, and elegant desktop based on NeXTStep interface, which eventually evolved into Mac OS X. It runs in 7MB of memory.




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