Upgrade phpMyAdmin to latest version 4.5.5 on Linux

4) Find phpMyAdmin Installation Directory

Use the below command to search the phpMyAdmin Installation Directory on your system

# find / -name "phpmyadmin"

5) Remove/Delete phpMyAdmin content

/usr/share/phpmyadmin is correct phpMyAdmin installation directory, Just Delete/Remove everything from that directory

# cd /usr/share/phpMyAdmin/
# rm -Rf *

6) Move/Copy New phpMyAdmin content

Use the below command to copy all the new phpMyAdmin content to /usr/share/phpmyadmin.

# cd /opt/phpMyAdmin-4.5.5-all-languages
# mv * /usr/share/phpMyAdmin/

Restart Apache, MySQL or MariaDB service.

# Start/Restart the service in SysVinit Systeme #
# service restart httpd
# service restart mysql

# Start/Restart the service in Systemd Systeme #
# systemctl restart httpd.service
# systemctl restart mariadb.service

7) Check New version of phpMyAdmin

Navigate your browser to http://localhost/phpmyadmin, Now you are using latest version 4.2.9 of phpMyAdmin.
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