Install La-Capitaine Icon Theme Inspired from macOS and Google’s Material Design

La Capitaine is another set of awesome icon pack, designed to integrate with most desktop environments. The set of icons takes inspiration from the latest iterations of macOS and Google’s Material Design.

Icon’s are polished with gradients, shadowing, and simple icon geometry. All the images are scalable vector graphic, so it will look great at any size, on any screen.

Check Available Icon Theme for Linux Desktop

Check Available GTK Theme for Linux Desktop

La Capitaine comes with a pre configuration script which attempts to determine the Linux distribution and desktop environment. Then it updates several system icons and icons used for mime-types. For best integration with your distro/desktop environment, use configure and follow the prompts.

La Capitaine is a fork of the El General icon theme with significant changes. La Capitaine Icon theme looks best with Flat-Plat, Adapta, Paper, Arc, and Arc-OSX.

Install la-capitaine-icon-theme

We can easily install la-capitaine-icon-theme by cloning developer github page to /usr/share/icons.

$ cd /usr/share/icons
$ git clone

Arch Linux Systems

Arch Linux Base User’s can easily install from AUR repository.

$ yaourt -S la-capitaine-icon-theme-git

Choose the Icon

Finally choose the Icon based on the desktop environment tool to activate it.

  • GNOME Desktop: Gnome Tweak Tool >> Appearance >> Choose the Icon from the drop-down box followed by “Icons” >> Finally close the App
  • Unity Desktop: Unity Tweak Tool >> Appearance >> Icon >> Choose the desired icon from the list >> Finally close the App
  • Cinnamon Desktop: Menu >> Appearances >> System Settings >> Theme >> Choose the desired icon from the drop-down box >> Finally close the System Settings
  • LXDE Desktop: Menu >> Appearances >> Customize Look and Feel >> Icon Theme >> Choose the desired icon from the list >> Apply >> Finally close
  • XFCE Desktop: Menu >> Settings >> Appearance >> Icons “Choose the desired icon from the list” >> Finally close

La-Capitaine Icon Theme Screenshot

See below, La-Capitaine Icon Theme Screenshot.

La-Capitaine Icon Theme for Gnome Desktop Menu.
La-Capitaine Icon Theme for Settings.

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