Emerald – Simple, Clean and Fresh Icon Theme For Linux

Emerald icon theme based on Breeze icon theme, it looks Simple, Clean and Fresh. It comes with two variants Emerald light & Emerald dark. So it suites for dark & light GTK themes.

It contains more than 6000+ icons for applications, folders, mime-types & others. It is compatible with most of the Linux desktop environments such as Unity, Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, Mate, Lxde, and others.

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Install Emerald Icon Theme on Linux

Just clone the developer github repository and run the Emerald-installer.sh script to install Emerald- Icon Theme.

$ cd /opt
$ sudo git clone https://github.com/vinceliuice/emerald-icon-theme
$ cd emerald-icon-theme
$ sudo ./Emerald-installer.sh

Just follow the instruction to install Emmerald icon theme on Linux desktop.

$ sudo ./Emerald-installer.sh
[sudo] password for magi: 

|      Emerald con Theme Installer Script       |

What you want to do: (I)nstall, (R)emove : 


Emerald Gtk Theme will be installed in:


It will be available to all users.

Do you want to continue? (Y)es, (N)o : 


Installing Emerald...

Installation complete!

Do you want to set the theme now? (Y)es, (N)o : 



              (1)  Emerald
              (2)  Emerald-Dark


Setting Emerald...

Emerald Icon Theme Screenshot tour

I have included few screenshots for reference.


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