Newbies corner – A Graphical frontend tool for Linux Package Manager

3) Rpmdarke frontend tool for urpmi

Rpmdarke or Rpmdarke is the graphical frontend tool of urpmi for installing and removing software, including updates, and managing online and physical media repositories through native powerful GUI.

3a) Install Rpmdarke on Mageia

Rpmdarke is available in distribution official repository and installed by default. All the rpmdarke modes are loaded under Mageia Control Center.

3b) Usage of Rpmdarke

Some basic usage.

  • Navigate to Menu >> Tools >> Mageia Control Center and launch it. To install/remove software click Install and remove software
  • Four color variants are there, RED shows Packages cannot be modified and will be uninstalled, GREEN shows already installed packages, BLUE shows available packages update, ORANGE shows packages will be installed.
  • To Update Entire System click Update your system option
  • To Add/Remove Repository click Configure media sources for install and updates option

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