How To Install Clarity (Vector Design) Icon Theme In Linux?

Clarity Icon Theme is completely different from other icon themes because its purly based on Vector design.

This theme is based on AwOken and Token, lots of shapes and basic color pallet was taken from these icons.

Few icons was taken from Raphael.

Used some shapes from OpenClipart, Wikipedia, Humanity and AnyColorYouLike Themes.

The rest of icons designed by developer by simplifying existed icons or logos.

Two types of fonts used Impact and Cheboygan.

Icons are mostly monoshape, but some icons have additional elements.

Every icon is made from a single shape and a template so it’s easy to customize.

It supports all major Linux distributions and desktop environments such as Gnome, Cinnamon, xfce, etc,.

We had written many article about Icon Themes and GTK Themes. You can access those in single click by navigating the appropriate link in this article.

There are seven predefined color themes (in five colors) but you can also create your own.

Available themes:

  • violaceus – violet/pink gradient
  • lux_violaceus – glossy variant
  • canus – grey gradient (default)
  • dark_canus – dark grey gradient
  • caeruleus – blue gradient
  • lux_caeruleus – glossy variant
  • viridis – green gradient
  • luteus – orage gradient

Available Distribution Logos Are: Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Gnome, Kubuntu, Madriva, Linux Mint, suse, Ubuntu, xfce, xubuntu and Zenwalk.

1) How To Install Clarity Icon Theme In Ubuntu/Linux Mint?

There is no official package for Clarity icon theme. Hence, we need to manually install it.

However, developer is offering a PPA for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distributions.

To do so, run the following commands.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jcubic/jcubicppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install clarity-icon-theme

2) How To Install Clarity Icon Theme Manually In Linux?

If your distribution doesn’t provide the Clarity icon theme, don’t worry we can easily install it manually with few steps.

To do so, visit the Clarity icon theme github page and clone the repository and follow the below procedure to install it.

$ cd /opt
$ sudo git clone
$ sudo mv Clarity /usr/share/icons

3) How To Install Gnome Tweak Tool In Gnome Desktop?

The GNOME Tweak Tool is an extension of the GNOME shell that can be used to customize the Gnome desktop appearance.

Run the following command to install the Gnome tweak tool on Gnome desktop environment.

$ sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

$ sudo dnf install gnome-tweak-tool

4) How To Enable/Activate The Clarity Icon Theme In Linux?

Once we have successfully installed the Clarity icon theme, it’s time to enable it.

To do so, follow the below procedure and enable it based on the desktop environment.

  • GNOME Desktop: Gnome Tweak Tool >> Appearance >> Choose the Icon from the drop-down box followed by “Icons” >> Finally close the App
  • Unity Desktop: Unity Tweak Tool >> Appearance >> Icon >> Choose the desired icon from the list >> Finally close the App
  • Cinnamon Desktop: Menu >> Appearances >> System Settings >> Theme >> Choose the desired icon from the drop-down box >> Finally close the System Settings
  • LXDE Desktop: Menu >> Appearances >> Customize Look and Feel >> Icon Theme >> Choose the desired icon from the list >> Apply >> Finally close
  • XFCE Desktop: Menu >> Settings >> Appearance >> Icons “Choose the desired icon from the list” >> Finally close

Alternatively you can set the Clarity icon theme by running the following command.

$ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme "Clarity"

5) How To Change Clarity Color Theme Of Icons?

If you would like to select other color scheme and distribution logo then run the following script.

To change color theme of icons.

$ sudo make [Name of the Theme]

$ sudo make viridis

To change Distribution logo

$ sudo make [Name of the Distribution]

$ sudo make mint

If it’s not taking effect, i would advise you to reboot the system once.

$ sudo reboot

If you have installed this theme from deb or PPA then run the following command to change color theme of icons.

$ gksu change-theme

6) Clarity Icon Theme Screenshot Tour

Yup, we have successfully installed and activated the Clarity icon theme. Now, it’s time to see the look.

violaceus – violet/pink gradient Screenshot.

caeruleus – blue gradient Screenshot.

viridis – green gradient Screenshot.

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