Masalla Icon Theme released with seven colors and two variants (light & dark)

We all knows, flat design GTK themes & Icons are become more familiar among others now a days. Today we are going to introduce, another greet flat icon theme called Masalla. and released after Long time back,

I thought to write about Masalla icon theme long time back because i liked very much but unfortunitly there is no update from the developer more than a year, that’s why i kept quit but now i can (feel happy to writing about it) because the updated version of Masalla icon theme got released a week before (after 1 year & 10 months).

This latest release included new color theme (yellow, red, violet, brown, black, grey, green) with dark and light colors. Also added install & uninstall scripts.

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The name of project is inspired from Obelisk name in arabic language (like Obelisk of Hammurabi in History of Iraq).

As the name implies, we can understand, its mixture of different icons sets and offers more than 15000+ icons which includes all kind of icons such as categories, devices, places/folders, status, mime-types, and more.

It support most of the Linux desktop environments such as Unity, Gnome, Cinnamon, KDE, Xfce, Mate, Lxde, and others.

You can simply install Masalla icon theme by running INSTALL script. If you don’t like and want to remove, simply run the UNINSTALL script.

Install Masalla Icon Theme on Linux

Just clone the developer github repository and run the INSTALL script to install Masalla Icon Theme.

$ cd /opt
$ sudo git clone
$ cd masalla-icon-theme
$ sudo ./INSTALL

[sudo] password for daygeek: 
Icon themes will be installed in /usr/share/icons and are available for all users.
Do you want to continue ? [Y]es, [N]o : Y

What distributor logo would you use ? [A]rchlinux, [D]ebian, [f]edora, [F]rugalware, [G]entoo, [L]inux Mint, [O]pensuse, [M]andriva, [S]lackware, [U]buntu, [u]ruk, : U

Installation complete. Enjoy !

Install Masalla Icon Theme on Arch based systems

We can easily install Masalla Icon Theme on Arch based system such as Arch Linux, Antergos, Manjaro & Apricity OS through AUR repo.

$ yaourt -S masalla-icon-theme
$ packer -S masalla-icon-theme

Manjaro Linux users can install from official repository

$ sudo pacman -S masalla-icon-theme

NOTE : If you are using KDE desktop then run the following commands too. For example masalla-red.

$ sudo mv /usr/share/icons/YOUR_MASALLA_COLOR/index.theme /usr/share/icons/YOUR_MASALLA_COLOR/index.theme.back
$ sudo cp /usr/share/icons/YOUR_MASALLA_COLOR/index.theme.kde /usr/share/icons/YOUR_MASALLA_COLOR/index.theme

To rollback to other desktop environments.

$ sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/YOUR_MASALLA_COLOR/index.theme
$ sudo cp /usr/share/icons/YOUR_MASALLA_COLOR/index.theme.back /usr/share/icons/YOUR_MASALLA_COLOR/index.theme

Choose the Icon

Finally choose the Icon based on the desktop environment tool to activate it.

  • GNOME Desktop: Gnome Tweak Tool >> Appearance >> Choose the Icon from the drop-down box followed by “Icons” >> Finally close the App
  • Unity Desktop: Unity Tweak Tool >> Appearance >> Icon >> Choose the desired icon from the list >> Finally close the App
  • Cinnamon Desktop: Menu >> Appearances >> System Settings >> Theme >> Choose the desired icon from the drop-down box >> Finally close the System Settings
  • LXDE Desktop: Menu >> Appearances >> Customize Look and Feel >> Icon Theme >> Choose the desired icon from the list >> Apply >> Finally close
  • XFCE Desktop: Menu >> Settings >> Appearance >> Icons “Choose the desired icon from the list” >> Finally close

Masalla Icon Theme Screenshot tour

I have included few screenshots for reference.


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  1. Not sure if I’m missing something here, but did an install (was really big) but doesn’t show up? The Masalla Icon Theme on my Arch installation.

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