Install Google Play Music Desktop Player on Linux

GPMDP stand for Google Play Music Desktop Player is a Free, open source, beautiful, cross platform, dedicated Desktop Player for Google Play Music which will consume very less memory and CPU utilization compare with online play and Google Chrome Add-on because of lightweight, standalone framework. The latest version of GPMDP released on March 11, 2016.

GPMDP Features

  • Media Keys support (Play, Pause, Stop, Previous, Next)
  • Last.FM Scrobbling and Now Playing support!
  • Desktop notifications on track change
  • A simplistic mini player
  • Customizable Dark theme
  • Task bar media controls (media controls embedded into the taskbar) Windows only
  • HTML5 Audio Support – No more Adobe Flash Player
  • Built in audio equalizer – Make it sounds how you like it
  • Background music playing, minimize to the task bar
  • Customizable hotkeys, no worries if you don’t have media keys. Choose your own shortcuts
  • Choose your audio output device from within the player
  • Interface for external applications such as Rainmeter

1) Install GPMDP on Debian, Ubuntu & Mint

We can easily install Google Play Music Desktop Player on Debian based systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, Mint & ElementryOS using deb file.

[For 64-bit systems]
$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i google-play-music-desktop-player_3.0.1_amd64.deb

[For 64-bit systems]
$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i google-play-music-desktop-player_3.0.1_i386.deb

2) Install GPMDP on Fedora, CentOS, openSUSE & RHEL

We can easily install Google Play Music Desktop Player on RPM based systems such as Fedora, CentOS, openSUSE & RHEL using rpm file.

[For 64-bit systems]
# rpm -Uvh

[For 64-bit systems]
# rpm -Uvh

Login with Google credential and enjoy the music.

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