Install Sayonara (lightweight) Music Player on Linux

Sayonara Music Player is a lightweight, small, clear and fast audio player for Linux written in C++, supported by the Qt framework. It uses Gstreamer as audio backend.

It uses Low CPU, low memory consumption and no long loading times.

Sayoanra is considered as a lightweight player, it holds a lot of feature, you can see below. It’s a good alternative to players like Rhythmbox, Clementine or Amarok.

Sayonara Music Player Features

  • Many supported music and playlist formats
  • Media library with search function
  • Directory view
  • External device support
  • Genre organization
  • Playlist view organized by tabs
  • (Dynamic) playback
  • Metadata editor (including tags from path)
  • MP3 Converter
  • Customizable spectrum analyzer and level meter
  • Remote controllable
  • Internet streams & Stream recorder
  • Soundcloud support & support
  • Radio Broadcasting

Install Sayonara Music Player on Linux

We can easily install later stable version of Sayonara Music Player using below commands. We can get the latest version to Ubuntu based systems & Arch Linux but other distros, we can install older version using official package.

[Install Sayonara Music Player on Ubuntu/LinuxMint]

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:lucioc/sayonara
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install sayonara

[Install Sayonara Music Player on Fedora/Mageia]

[For Fedora]
$ sudo dnf install sayonara

[For Mageia]
$ sudo urpmi sayonara

[Install Sayonara Music Player on Arch Linux from AUR repository]

$ yaourt -S sayonara-player


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