Elementary OS 0.4 LOKI is one of the best distro based on Ubuntu & better too

System Check

Make sure, you should have sufficient storage space, plugged into a power source & connected with internet, then Hit Continue button to move forward.

[ac-box color=”yellow” icon=”fa-exclamation-circle”]
Tick both check box to install required additional drivers & third-party software’s.

  • Download updates while installing
  • Install third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware, Flash, MP3 and other media.



Installation Type

Newbies & Fresh installation, you can choose the first option, then Hit Install Now button to move forward.

Write the changes to disks.

Select your Timezone

Select your Timezone based in which you reside, then Hit Continue button to move forward.

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4 Comments on “Elementary OS 0.4 LOKI is one of the best distro based on Ubuntu & better too”

  1. I installed Loki lastweek it looks good but, im having trouble installing updates and additional apps.

  2. I am trying this newest release and very excited – hopefully more stable. The previous release did not want to install on my laptop (Thinkpad T410) – for some reason ran fine in Live environment but it would never finish installing. Can’t wait to try it!!!

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