Antergos – Best Arch based distro for beginners, whoever want to taste arch, give a try

As we know Arch Linux is one of the best Linux Distribution ever because we can customize whatever we want. We can get all the latest software’s because of rolling release but its very difficult for freshers, installation & configuration. Today i’m going to show you, how to install Antergos – The Best Arch based distro for beginners, whoever want to taste arch Linux give a try, i can assure worth to try.

Antergos is a rolling release distribution and provide a modern, elegant, and powerful operating system based on Arch Linux with choice of Desktop Environment. Whoever having challenge to install Arch Linux, they are welcome to Antergos.

Due to the rolling release Your entire system (include base OS components & applications that you installed) will be upgrade to latest rolling release, when receive updates as they are released upstream, with only a minimal delay to ensure stability.

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Antergos is available in many languages including English, Spanish, and more. You can choose the prepared language on language selection while installing Angergos. Its default configuration provides you with a ready-to-use system and no need to install additional software’s. Directly surf the web, listen to music, watch videos, and do anything else you like.

The Antergos Project was originally started under the name Cinnarch, and provided only one desktop environment. Now it’s offering multiple desktops (including Cinnamon, Gnome, KDE, MATE, Openbox & Xfce) allowing users to select their favorite desktop during installation. It’s included the famous GTK Theme & Icon Theme of Numix by default.

Download Antergos Linux

Visit Antergos download page, then download the latest Live ISO image. Antergos is available to everyone for free, burn it on a CD/DVD or write it to a USB, and enjoy.

Create bootable USB

After downloading the Antergos latest Live ISO image, you need to make it as a bootable media, either Command Line way or Graphical way.

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Booting Computer with Antergos installation media

Boot your computer with Antergos USB installation media. If you successfully booted into live USB, you will get similar to below screen.

Hit Install It button to kick start the Angergos installation.

Choose your Language

Antergos easy-to-use graphical installer is pretty good. Here choose your preferred Language, then Hit Next button to move forward.

System Check

Make sure, you should have sufficient storage space, plugged into a power source & connected with internet, then Hit Next button to move forward.

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  1. One problem/difficulty with Antergos is that you must be connected to the internet during installation, and you need sufficient bandwidth to download at least about a half a gig of packages and updates. If this is an obstacle, another excellent choice is Apricity, which is very slick, gives you a gnome or cinnamon desktop, and an Arch system ready to go.

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