Antergos – Best Arch based distro for beginners, whoever want to taste arch, give a try

Automatic Installation Mode

This will warning you about HDD erase, also choose the boot loader installation Grub, then Hit Next button to move forward.

[ac-box color=”lred” icon=”fa-exclamation-circle”]
WARNING ! This will overwrite everything currently on your drive !


Installation Summary

Verify the installation summary, like Location, Timezone, Keyboard, Desktop Environment & Features, then Hit Next button to move forward.

Create Your User Account

Its time to create new user and password on your system, then Hit Next button to move forward.

  • Your Name
  • Computer Name
  • Username
  • Choose a password
  • Confirm your password
  • Require my password to login


Installation process is on-going

Antergos Installation process is on-going and will take a while to complete the installation. Once installation got completed, Remove your installation media then hit Restart Now button.

Enter User Name & Password

This is the Welcome Screen, Enter your password to login.

Release information screenshot.

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5 Comments on “Antergos – Best Arch based distro for beginners, whoever want to taste arch, give a try”

  1. One problem/difficulty with Antergos is that you must be connected to the internet during installation, and you need sufficient bandwidth to download at least about a half a gig of packages and updates. If this is an obstacle, another excellent choice is Apricity, which is very slick, gives you a gnome or cinnamon desktop, and an Arch system ready to go.

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