How to increase email attachment size on exim mail server

The default exim email attachment size is 50MB, but usually in hosting companies, they offered only 10MB size for email attachment to reduce the server load. If you are a root user you may modify the email attachment size according to your needs.

1) How to check default email attachment size on exim mail server ?

Use the below command to checkout the exim default email attachment size.

[email protected] [~]# exim -bP | grep message_size_limit
message_size_limit = 50M

2) How to Increase the email attachment size in exim ?

Add the below line to your exim.conf file to increase the email attachment size from 50MB to 100MB

[email protected] [~]# nano /etc/exim.conf
  GNU nano 2.0.9                                         File: /etc/exim.conf

acl_smtp_connect = acl_smtp_connect

daemon_smtp_ports = 25 : 465 : 587

tls_on_connect_ports = 465


queue_only_load = 24

deliver_queue_load_max = 12

spamd_address = 783

3) Rechecking email attachment size in exim ?

The below output clearly shows, the email attachment size had been increased from 50MB to 100MB.

[email protected] [~]# exim -bP | grep message_size_limit
message_size_limit = 100M

Note :

You can set the email attachment size to server widely and not for particular domain or email id.

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