How to export Exim Mail Delivery Reports on cpanel server

We are sending news letter to our customers twice in a week and my manager ask me to send Mail Delivery Reports, such as Successful,Deferrals & Failures list of email id, time and reason for failure. I throughly checked in WHM and i can view the report but there is no option to export the list which my manager expected. What we do ? We can export this Report from phpMyAdmin using eximstats database.

How to do that ?

Log into WHM as root, then go to Home >> SQL Services >> phpMyAdmin. Select the database eximstats >> Choose the corresponding table >> Export >> Choose the format and hit GO


Log into WHM as root >> Home >> Email >> View Sent Summary and See the sent summary report in WHM.


Click any of the one hyper-link. Like, Faliure and See the detailed report in WHM. It will load from Home >> Email >> Mail Delivery Reports.


Home >> SQL Services >> phpMyAdmin and it will open the phpMyAdmin in new page >> Select the database eximstats >> Choose the corresponding table >> SQL >> In my case i want to export only three column. So I’m going to use custom MySQL query (see below) >> GO that’s it. It will generate the report which you expected.

# select mailtime,email,message FROM `failures` where mailtime between '2014-08-07 01:10:10' and '2014-08-07 11:45:10'

a) MySQL query snap shot


b) Query Output snap shot



phpMyAdmin >> Export >> Choose “CSV of MS Excel” >> GO that’s it. It will export and downloaded to your PC. See below.
See below both file has been downloaded in my PC.

# ls -lht
total 5.2M
-rw-rw-r--  1 magesh magesh 3.7M Aug 13 14:51 failures.csv
-rw-rw-r--  1 magesh magesh 1.5M Aug 13 14:50 defers.csv

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