Top 5 Active Arch derived Linux distributions

4) Apricity OS

Apricity OS is a brand new beautiful distro based on Arch Linux, entering into this list because of the modern look, positive/good response from many users, read to run out of the box, clean and polished distro for beginners & Linux professional whoever looking for alternative.

The GUI installer polished from Calamares, which is universal installer framework for several independent Linux distributions. It’s very simple and easy to install Apricity OS.

Currently it supports only GNOME and Cinnamon desktop environments to keep your desktop looking more beautiful, additionally it uses Numix Circle icon theme to make your desktop look even more beautiful.

Apricity OS follows a rolling release, So your entire system will receive updates on a regular basis. No need to worry about for version upgrade and reinstall. Also you can taste all the latest software’s whenever it will hit the street.

No additional software required and ready run out of box after fresh installation of Apricity OS because all the necessary application has been installed by default, including LibreOffice, web browser, Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW), TLP – easy to use power management tool, Syncthing – which makes remote file sharing easier than ever and compatibility with AUR repository along with the Pamac updater.

Wine and PlayOnLinux provide seamless integration of many Windows programs into Apricity OS. So, windows users can run the lovable apps & your favorite Windows games on Apricity OS without any trouble.

SBackup, is one of the easiest ways to back up your computer. It has simple GUI with vast features, which makes you to create compressed and uncompressed backups, split uncompressed backups into multiple parts, supports scheduled and manual backups, support local and remote backup and email notification.

5) Chakra Linux

Chakra Linux is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux and futures with KDE and Qt technologies. Chakra provide a simple, fast, user-friendly and powerful Live ISO and Linux distribution specifically made for the KDE Plasma desktop.

Group of Arch Linux users initiated the KDEmod packaging project to create an awesome little Live ISO based on Arch Linux when the KDEmod developers met. After two years of development, in December 2008 the have released the first custom made ISO with a preconfigured Arch + KDEmod + Tribe.

After several releases they splited from Arch to integrate much closer with KDE software. Finally August 30, 2010 the first independent version, called Chakra 0.2 was released and the project renamed from KDEmod to The Chakra Project.

Chakra includes both free and proprietary software, it dropped support for i686 and available only x86_64 architecture due to KDE Software Compilation.

Chakra designed based on KISS principle to make it simple rather than made complicated. It uses half-rolling releases concept and doesn’t schedule a release date (about every six months), when the core packages of Chakra (graphics, audio, etc.) are frozen and only updated to fix any security problems.

The other applications update are available immediately after their core release. All the packages have been thoroughly tested before moving to permanent repository.

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  1. All good. Downside to Antergos is need internet connection to install and a lot of bandwidth for install related package downloads and updates. Downside (a big one in my opinion) to Chakra is can’t use the AUR. Chakra has its own CCR (or something like that) but not nearly as complete as the AUR. A dealbreaker for me. Manjaro, Archbang and Apricity are all excellent.

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