Ubuntu Software Center going to die on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

No more Ubuntu Software Center for upcoming releases, why ? Yes, Ubuntu Software Center discontinued the further development too. This was declared in Ubuntu software center Wikipedia page, Canonical announced that development would end in November 2015 and the application would be replaced by GNOME Software application which will default and package management utility on the Unity 7-based desktop.

Why, Its happening ?

Due to lack of developers and developers are working other things. In August 2015 Chris Hoffman of PCWorld criticized the application indicating that Canonical was not maintaining it properly while work on the replacement application was being pursued.

Also Canonical has silently discontinued the paid app store without informing developers. Whoever purchased paid apps from the Ubuntu Software Center its question mark because Canonical had failed to make his paid applications available to users of Ubuntu 15.04 and newer versions.

Ubuntu flavors also dropping it such as Ubuntu MATE 15.10 didn’t included the Ubuntu Software Center by default, as Martin Wimpress announced on Google+ back in July because the Ubuntu Software Center application is considered rather slow and outdated compared to the alternatives.

Few users communicated with canonical, we haven’t get our paid apps, what happen ? Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth told that, We found finally there was lot of dependency problem in DEB package management with APP Store and it got failed. Hereafter We are not concentrate on Ubuntu software center because we haven’t fix the issues, also its too much of expensive to keep running it.

We are moving alternate new desktop APP Store such as Snappy-based package manager. That’s notyet ready, even the next release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS also and it will take another 1 to 2 years.

We have only one option to encourage our desktop users with standard App such as GNOME Software application which will give better user experience with unity 7 desktop.

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