Ubunsys – An advanced system utility for Ubuntu beginners

Ubuntu power users can able to modify most of the system settings through command line but newbies can’t because it’s bit difficult for them.

Ubunsys is an advanced system tool that allows Ubuntu beginners to modify/change most of the system settings easily without any trouble. It’s Qt-based application that combines the features of a package manager, Tweaks, system upgrade, system cleaner, old kernel removal, and other system configuration tools.

Ubunsys tool is split into four tabs, called Packages, Tweaks, System, and Repair. Packages section we can ignore since most of us familiar with Synaptic tool. However, other three tabs are very useful because most of these action can be done through command line but here we can do through GUI.

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This tool help you to do most of critical action through simple mouse click. Most of the core features can be easily toggle on/off, enable/disable and add/remove buttons.

Note : It’s very dangerous app in any point, if you don’t know where you are touching or how to fix it, don’t do it. For testing and knowledge purposes you can use this. Still it is under active development and not yet considered stable. So, don’t use in any production environment.

Ubunsys Features

  • Pacakge Management like install, remove packages
  • Enable & Disable sudo without password
  • Make Sudo Passwords Visible in the Terminal (Asterisks)
  • Enable & Disable hibernation
  • Enable & Disable firewall
  • Open, backup, and import sudoers & sources.list file
  • Full system update & upgrade
  • System clean
  • smart system update
  • Install mainline kernel
  • Remove old kernels
  • Upgrade your system to next available version (OS upgrade)
  • Update & upgrade repos
  • Exec normal user installation script from git
  • Repair, Check system integrity, repair network, missing GPG keys, etc

How to install Ubunsys

Ubunsys is available for Ubuntu version 16.04 & 17.04 specifically, also support Ubuntu derivatives based on 16.04 & 17.04 versions.

Just add following official PPA which was provided by Developer for quick installation.

$ sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:adgellida/ubunsys
$ sudo apt-get -y update
$ sudo apt-get -y install ubunsys

How to use Ubunsys

After installation, launch an application from main menu and enjoy.

Packages : You can select a lot of apps and install them by clicking install button.

Tweaks : In this section, we can do Enable & Disable sudo without password which help you to avoid entering sudo password multiple times when you have many admin activity. Enable & Disable firewall, hibernation. Make Sudo Passwords Visible in the Terminal (Asterisks). Open, backup, and import sudoers & sources.list file.

System : In this section, you can see three sub tabs (Normal User, Advance user, and Developer). Each has different option that help you to configure your Ubuntu system.

Under Normal User section, you can update & upgrade system to latest available packages, update & upgrade repos, exec normal user installation script from git, default clean system.

Under Advanced User section, you can do Smart system update, clean ancient kernels, upgrade to latest stable OS version, install mainline kernel (not recommended, possible incompatibilities).

Repair : In this section you can Check system integrity, repair network, missing GPG keys, etc,.,

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