Top-10 things to do after installing Fedora 23 to make as user friendly

Install other Desktop Environments

# Install KDE Desktop #
[email protected] [~]$ sudo dnf install @kde-desktop

# Install Cinnamon Desktop #
[email protected] [~]$ sudo dnf install @cinnamon-desktop

# Install MATE desktop  #
[email protected] [~]$ sudo dnf install @mate-desktop

# Install XFCE desktop  #
[email protected] [~]$ sudo dnf install @xfce-desktop

# Install LXDE desktop  #
[email protected] [~]$ sudo dnf install @lxde-desktop

9) Set Up Your Online Accounts

You can integrate all the online accounts into Fedora system to access easier such as (Facebook, twitter, flickr, google & yahoo). You can do by navigating Show Applications (Menu) –> Settings–> Online Accounts.

10) Install PostInstallerF & Fedy

PostInstallerF & Fedy utility tools help us to install additional software which wasn’t included in Fedora by default. Both having GUI and we can install, remove and manage it very easily. This was designed for new bies whoever not familiar in command line.

# Install Fedy utility #
[email protected] [~]$ su -c "curl -o fedy-installer && chmod +x fedy-installer && ./fedy-installer"

# Download postinstallerf #
[email protected] [~]$ sudo wget -c -P /etc/yum.repos.d/

# Install postinstallerf #
[email protected] [~]$ sudo dnf -y install postinstallerf

Now, you will feel, your Fedora box become user friendly. What you are thinking ? Share your valuable commands in our comment section to improve our website quality…Stay tune with 2daygeek for latest LINUX GEEKS..)

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