Top 10 Best Websites (Blogs) to Learn Ubuntu Online

As we promised when we wrote an article about Top-15 Linux websites and blogs to learn Linux online.

It’s time to show you a list of the top-10 Ubuntu websites and blogs. Here you go.

Ubuntu is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on Debian.

Ubuntu releases as Desktop, Server and Core.

Ubuntu is a popular operating system for cloud computing, with support for OpenStack.

Ubuntu will give easy and smoother GUI experience which most of the common users prefer.

This article will list 10 best Ubuntu blogs which offers impressive and cutting edge information, helps you to learn and fix ongoing issues, make you aware of various application and provide you the latest from Ubuntu world.

Let’s have a look at the list of best Ubuntu blogs (not in any specific order):

1) OMG! Ubuntu!

OMG! Ubuntu! covers Ubuntu related activities in the Linux and open-source eco-systems in an approachable and engaging way.

The website gives the readers timely news on the latest Ubuntu & Linux developments.

This is one of the old blog for ubuntu started in year 2009.

OMG Ubuntu provides the best platform for beginners with a little knowledge of Linux to start their career.

It also focuses on other Linux distros like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, ReactOS, Bodhi Linux, etc.

2) It’s FOSS

It’s FOSS is a blog that specifically focuses on beginners to Linux world.

Apart from how-to tutorials, It’s FOSS also provides information on various applications available to make the Linux desktop experience better.

Latest news related to open source are also covered to keep the readers updated.

Blog has been awarded by India Blogger in 2013 and Blog Adda in 2015.

Subscribing to their weekly newsletter will help you to get all the latest articles in your inbox.

3) Ubuntu Handbook

Ubuntu handbook is one website that is completely dedicated to Ubuntu.

The operation was commenced in the year 2013.

The website help you to find latest news, howtos, tutorials, useful tips and app reviews of Ubuntu.

Besides the content for Ubuntu Linux it also enlighten some hacks and tips on other distros like Linux Mint, Elementary OS and other Ubuntu derivatives.

It also contains a search bar, just type the keyword and find your desired query.

4) Vitux

Vitux is one of the good platform for beginners.

It contains a wide variety of topics, how to guides as well as the current news and articles.

The blog has a lot to learn for the developers, administrators, and Linux professionals.

The articles are in explained in a detailed with abundant screenshots and examples.

It also publishes articles on Linux, Cent OS, Debian and Shell scripts.

5) Tech Drive In

Techdrivein is a trendy blog that offers quality information mainly about Open source software, technology, latest games, its reviews, tips & tricks.

It’s a forum not only for Ubuntu professionals, but also the Linux and game lovers to view various news and updates.

Even if they don’t post articles frequently, the articles posted are have remarkable tips, tutorials, and resources for the beginners and professional.

6) Ubuntu Geek

Ubuntu Geek is an another older blog for freshers to specifically learn on Ubuntu.

It will help you to learn Bash Programming, various Linux tips, tricks, security issues, monitoring tools, and relevant news.

It also provides you with free ebooks, latest news updates and stuffs on backup.

7) Linux Babe

LinuxBabe is a blog to get articles on Distros such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Open Suse, etc managed by Xiao Guo-An.

The website have multiple article related to Ubuntu, posts are frequent, simple and easy to understand.

It will help you to learn on security, software tools, hosting, open source CMS, Linux server, mail server and its backup, VPN server, server monitoring, and various desktop applications.

Author don’t accept guest posts/ sponsored post.

8) WebUPD8

WebUpd8 is an Ubuntu / Linux blog which delivers daily news, tips and application reviews.

The blog is currently managed by individual Andrews.

It shares the tutorials of installing and managing the applications, once tested on their end.

The website covers the news, tips, and reviews of various tools regularly.

9) Noobs Lab

Noobslab is a website which has the vision to lend an easy hand to the beginners.

The website have large volumes of tutorials, Ebooks and articles which are easy to understand and implement.

This site hosts a set of important Linux software PPAs. They also post articles on Python and Conky customization.

The best part is that the website is you can get the download links to VM’s(VMDK image).

This website maintains a large portfolio of Ubuntu & Mint themes and Icon PPA.

10) Source Digit

Sorcedigit is blog for for digital tips, online trends and tutorials, social media trends, technology news and tutorials about Linux & Ubuntu.

Source Digit have vast articles, how-to guides related to Ubuntu.

You can find separate update for Ubuntu in this website.

They also covers the WordPress, Consumer Technology, Tech Tutorial (How To), Cloud Computing, Gadgets, Linux, Ubuntu, Android and many others.

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