Top 10 Best Websites (Blogs) to Learn Ubuntu Online

As we promised when we wrote article about Top-10 Linux website & Blog, we will be publish about Top-10 Ubuntu websites, It’s time to show the lists for you. Linux is ocean and nobody can say i know everything about Linux & open-source if so, no one can believe you because that’s not true. We can swim and learn about Linux & open-source. Here I’m listing Top-10 websites which is publishing awesome and cutting edge articles about open-source products & Ubuntu.

You may think i have missed some of the top websites like Distrowatch, softpedia, linuxtoday, etc…, those are focusing & publishing mainly Linux Latest News & software updates, we have a plan to list out those later, when time come. Until read the Top 10 websites which is listed below. Daily i used to visit the below list of sites to know the new things about Linux. We are publishing lots of article based on all distro you can read by visiting 2daygeek website.

1) Omgubuntu is one of the best user choice website to learn about Ubuntu Latest Tips, Tricks, Tweaks & News. We can Learn all kind of new things about Ubuntu, mainly Latest application reviews and news. Articles are limited on this websites, it means we can get very limited number of articles.

2) Webupd8 is another awesome Ubuntu blog and maintained by ‘Androw’ who made the blog useful to lakh and lakh Linux professional. He is publishing mainly Ubuntu related articles & reviews also reviewing other distro. He is maintaining Lots of PPA which is unbreakable. It’s trust-able and worth we can use blindly without worrying anything.

3) Noobslab is a another awesome blog which maintain biggest collection of Ubuntu & Mint themes and icon through (PPA). He also publishing Ubuntu related articles, news, tips & tricks. He is maintaining another websites called which contain virtualbox & wmware images as free of cost and it’s ready to use.

4) itsfoss is one of the best Ubuntu website for because i have read many useful Tips on it. Whether it’s small article or big article doesn’t matter but the article output is much clear. i loved to spend time on this website.

5) ubuntuhandbook is the best Ubuntu how-to article website which has good collection of Ubuntu how-to articles & useful tips. It’s maintained by Jim, also he maintaining some PPAs which useful for Ubuntu users.

6) ubuntugeek is one of the oldest Ubuntu blog which was started back on July 2016. It make Ubuntu transition more easier, especially newbies who switch from Windows to a free and open-source operating system. UbuntuGeek blog contains bunch of collection about Ubuntu Tips, Tricks, Howto’s, news and articles.

7) linuxg is the best How-to blog where you can find all kind of How-to install article about Ubuntu and Ubuntu related distro. It’s a best place to get latest release of application list.

8) sourcedigit is a another How-to & useful tips website where you can find all kind of How-to install article about Ubuntu. It’s a best place for newbies.

9) linuxscoop is the one and only website providing high quality of video about Linux distribution & open source application review. They are welcoming video tutorial submission from users too.

10) sysads is the another good blog for Ubuntu users. sysads blog contains vast collection of Ubuntu Howto’s & news.

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