Top 15 Best Websites (Blogs) to Learn Linux Online

Linux is the most commonly used open source operating system.

Linux as operating system acts beneath all of the other software and relay requests to the computer’s hardware.

Popular Linux distributions include Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu.

Commercial distributions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

This article provides you the optimal 15 Linux blogs for the aspirant like you to become a Linux Geek/Professional/Administrator.

The blogs have been listed based on the reliability and frequency of articles posted (Not in particular order).

You might think we missed some of the best websites, like Omgubundu and itsfoss, because they mainly publish Ubuntu-based articles.

We have plans to list the top 10 websites that publish articles on Ubuntu and Debian.

In addition, we plan to list Linux Latest News, Linux Community Forum, and Linux Software Update websites such as DestroWatch, SoftPedia, etc,.

1. Cyberciti

Cyberciti popularly known as NixCraft is an online community of new and seasoned Linux/Unix sysadmins who want to make the most of sysadmin-hood.

It is one of the oldest Linux blog launched in 2000 and maintained by Vivek Gite.

It contains great articles for all types of Linux stuffs such as Linux Basics, Linux Commands, Backup Tool, Monitoring Tool, Linux Software, Package Installation and Review, Virtualization, Package Management Tool and Hardware related information.

All these articles can be easily understood from beginners to senior level executives.

They research and post cutting edge topics related to various open source software.

2. The Geek Stuff

TheGeekStuff Blog mainly focuses on Linux and Open Source Technologies.

This is another old Linux blog started in 2008 and it’s maintaining by Ramesh Natarajan.

The article provides instruction guides, trouble shooting tips and tricks on Linux and open source technologies.

In addition to open source technologies they also do occasional posts on Databases, hardware’s, storage, latest gadgets,website and software developments.

They have not recently published any new articles, but they are conducting Linux-related events in Los Angeles, California.

Blog founder Ramesh Natarajan wrote some ebooks and “101 Hacks” is completely free, you can download it instantly by subscribing to the monthly newsletter.

In addition, he developed the Password Dragon app, which is a free, easy and secure password manager running on Windows, Linux and Mac.

3. Tecmint

TecMint is a website that started publishing practical and useful out-of-the-box articles from August 2012. It is maintained by Ravi Saive.

The articles and contents in tecmint are written by talented professionals around the globe.

The article they are exceptional, have remarkable tips, tutorials, and resources for the beginners and professional.

4. Linoxide

Linoxide early known as “ExpertsLogin” is a blog where they publish tips & tricks, command line commands, opensource tools and server administration on FOSS (Free Open Source Software) technologies.

Linoxide was started in the year 2006, help their fellow readers to become a better Linux.

5. Tecadmin

Tecadmin was started on Feb 2013, they provide guides for both Linux and Windows system administrators. It is maintained by Rahul Kumar.

They used to post articles frequently with appropriate commands and screenshots, it helps beginners to easily understand the concepts.

Also, they are updating old articles with the latest features. I read many articles and they are not on any other Linux blog.

6. The Geek Diary

TheGeekDiary is the blog where you can find articles on open source technologies such as Linux and they do posts on solaris, oracle, VCS and Devops.

They also provides articles for the interviews on the above technologies mentioned.

The blog was launched in 2016 and is maintained by Sandeep.

7. OSTechNix

OSTechNix commenced operations in 2012, they publish the Latest News, How-to articles, Tutorials and Tips & Tricks about Free and Open-Source software and technology.

Their articles are simple, easy-to-read and follow format. They try to provide quality information with accurate model possible.

It is maintained by SK, and he has written several articles on other popular Linux blogs.

8. Xmodulo

Xmodulo is fascinated by the strong and vibrant developer community that constantly advances the state of the art of the largest free operating system.

They share articles on Linux related FAQs, hands-on tips, and tutorials, with topics ranging from Linux desktop customization, system administration, open-source tools, network security, virtualization and cloud computing.

9. LinuxTechi

LinuxTechi provides the Linux community with the all the latest happenings in the Linux world such as new distribution launches, how-to-guides, review articles, tips and tricks.

They do post articles on shell scripting and monitoring tools. Also they help job seekers with their Linux ebooks and interview questions.

10. LinuxAndUbuntu

LinuxAndUbuntu focuses on open source projects but specific on debian based distributions.

The website name indicates that it is purely Ubuntu-based, but it is not.

This website is managed by 3 talented members.

They also give value to other Linux distributions.

11. LinuxConfig

Linuxconfig started its operation on 2007. The website provide articles on Ubuntu, Debain, RHEL, Cent, Fedora and Kali.

They specialize in the programming area and gave a detailed description of it.

This includes Bash Scripting, C Programming, Python Basics, Advanced Python Concepts and eBay APIs.

They also help job seekers to built their career in Linux.

12. HowToForge

HowToForge lend an easy hand to the beginners so that they could learn about their favorite distros.

They provide tutorials on Ubuntu, Debain, CentOs, Apache, Fedora, Suse, Mandriva, Xen and Raspbian.

The blog is full of resources and the information is updated every day.

13. Unixmen

Unixmen don’t post articles frequently in recent days, but most of the article have abundant information for the begineers to learn on open source technologies.

It cover most popular distros like Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Fedora, Centos.

The website was created in January 2009 by EL Kamlichi (the original founder) and is now owned and operated by the Eighth Network.

14. BinaryTides

BinaryTides write tutorials and technical guides on multiple topics related to linux, server administration and network security.

Other than open source technologies they post articles on Latest hardwares, automation and windows stuffs.

15. Linuxnix

Linuxnix helps you to learn the basics of open source technologies.

They do share their knowledge on Programming, Monitoring tools, Cloud and Devops.

It was created in 2008 and most of the articles published by blog founder Surendra Kumar Anne.


I also found some other websites, and plan to add them later, if you think we missed any good resources, please mention it in the comment section and we will review the list and update it.

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