How To Install Uniform Icon Theme In Linux?

As of now we have reviewed many icon themes which are available for Linux Desktop.

All are have the relationship or at least have standard format like Circle, Rectangle, shadow, etc.,

But today we are going to review about Uniform Icon theme but surprisingly there is no specific shape for the Icon set which is called Uniform Icon.

I can’t imagine the icon shape because each icon have different shape.

This icon sets are unique and looking good. The developer designed all the possible icons.

And the icons counts are below as per the “” page info.

  • Actions 7844 icons
  • Apps 33569 icons
  • Mimetypes 3680 icons
  • Status 4653 icons
  • All symbolic icons

You have an options to select themes with blue, green, grey, purple and turquoise folders require the presence of the main theme.

Uniform is a new icon theme made for Linux (GNOME) desktops.

It’s made by someone who tested every shape on the planet to get a unique and original theme until he flipped the table and unshaped everything.

Consistency can be achieved by maintaining the same pattern instead of drawing the same container.

It completely changes your desktop look and feel.

It supports all major Linux distributions and desktop environments such as Gnome, Cinnamon, xfce, etc,.

We had written many article about Icon Themes and GTK Themes. You can access those in single click by navigating the appropriate link in this article.

1) How To Install Uniform Icon Theme Manually In Linux?

There is no official distribution package for Uniform icon theme. So, don’t worry we can easily install it manually with few steps.

To do so, visit the Yandex Disk developer page and download the Uniform icon archive and follow the below procedure to install it.

$ cd Downloads
$ tar -xvf 'Uniform+ icons.tar.gz'
$ cd 'Uniform+ icons'/
$ tar -xvf icons.tar.xz
$ cd icons
$ sudo mv Uniform+ /usr/share/icons/

It’s offering 22 variants of folder color scheme. To do so, move all the folders to /usr/share/icons then activate which is suitable for you.

The variants details are below.

  • blue folder
  • burlywood folder
  • darkkhaki folder
  • darkslategray folder
  • gold folder
  • green folder
  • grey folder
  • inkscape naked orange
  • lightslategray folder
  • lime
  • pink folder
  • plum folder
  • purple folder
  • symbolic blue
  • symbolic fuchsia
  • symbolic green
  • symbolic light-blue
  • symbolic orange
  • symbolic red
  • symbolic white
  • turquoise folder
  • white and red
$ cd Downloads/'Uniform+ icons'/icons/
$ sudo mv * /usr/share/icons/

2) How To Install Gnome Tweak Tool In Gnome Desktop?

The GNOME Tweak Tool is an extension of the GNOME shell that can be used to customize the Gnome desktop appearance.

Run the following command to install the Gnome tweak tool on Gnome desktop environment.

$ sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

$ sudo dnf install gnome-tweak-tool

3) How To Enable/Activate The Uniform Icon Theme In Linux?

Once we have successfully installed the Uniform icon theme, it’s time to enable it.

To do so, follow the below procedure and enable it based on the desktop environment.

  • GNOME Desktop: Gnome Tweak Tool >> Appearance >> Choose the Icon from the drop-down box followed by “Icons” >> Finally close the App
  • Unity Desktop: Unity Tweak Tool >> Appearance >> Icon >> Choose the desired icon from the list >> Finally close the App
  • Cinnamon Desktop: Menu >> Appearances >> System Settings >> Theme >> Choose the desired icon from the drop-down box >> Finally close the System Settings
  • LXDE Desktop: Menu >> Appearances >> Customize Look and Feel >> Icon Theme >> Choose the desired icon from the list >> Apply >> Finally close
  • XFCE Desktop: Menu >> Settings >> Appearance >> Icons “Choose the desired icon from the list” >> Finally close

Alternatively you can set the Uniform icon theme by running the following command.

$ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme "Uniform+"

To activate the folder color scheme, run the following commands. Just replace the folder color scheme name instead of blue folder.

$ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme "Uniform+ blue folder"

4) Uniform Icon Theme Screenshot Tour

Yup, we have successfully installed and activated the Uniform icon theme. Now, it’s time to see the look.

GNOME Desktop Screenshot.

Application menu Screenshot.

Inkscape naked orange – Folder Icon Screenshot.

Blue folder – Folder Icon Screenshot.

Pink folder – Folder Icon Screenshot.

Lime – Folder Icon Screenshot.

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