choqok 1.6 Twitter Client was released and completely ported with KDE Frameworks 5

Choqok is a fast, efficient and simple to use twitter client for Linux (especially built for the KDE desktop environment) that is installed by default to some of the Linux distribution which shipped with KDE Desktop Environment. The name comes from an ancient Persian word, means Sparrow!

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Choqok 1.6 has been released after more than one year and half with many improvements. Choqok Developers put lot’s of effort on development and released choqok 1.6 based on KDE Frameworks 5 and officially support Friendica.

Many people prefer to use desktop clients for most of the frequent used applications rather than browser. There are multiple twitter desktop clients available and Choqok is one of the best, stable and widely used twitter client for Linux desktop.

Choqok Features

  • Supporting,,, and micro-blogging service
  • Official Repeat/ReTweet functions.
  • Supporting Multiple Accounts simultaneously.
  • Support for Twitter lists
  • KWallet integration
  • Ability to notify user about new statuses arriving.
  • Support for send and receive direct messages
  • Supporting Friends, @Reply, Favorite and Public time-lines.
  • Filtering supported to hide unwanted posts
  • Setting your last post as your current status message in IM clients (Kopete, Pidgin, Psi, Skype)
  • Preview Images from Twitter, Twitpic, YFrog,, plixi, Twitgoo, TweetPhoto and etc. services.
  • Preview Videos from YouTube and Vimeo services.
  • Send Now Listening text. (Many of favorite players such as Amarok, Exaile, Banshee, Rhythmbox and VLC supported)
  • Expand short Urls & Proxy support.
  • much more

Install Choqok on Ubuntu/LinuxMint

We can easily install latest release of Choqok 1.6 to Ubuntu 16.04, 16.10 & LinuxMint 18 using below PPA.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adilson/experimental
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install choqok

Install Choqok on Linux

Alternatively we can easily install bit older version of Choqok twitter client to Ubuntu, LinuxMint, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Mageia, arch Linux, Manjaro & openSUSE from the distribution official repository with help of package manager.

[For RHEL, CentOS & Fedora]
$ sudo yum install choqok

[Fedora 22 and later]
$ sudo dnf install choqok

[For Debian/Ubuntu/Mint]
$ sudo apt install choqok

[Arch Linux Based System]
$ sudo pacman -S choqok

$ sudo zypper in choqok

$ sudo urpmi choqok

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