How to add data source in SpagoBI

We have already covered in our previous article about SpagoBI installation in Linux and working properly. After successfully installation of SpagoBI, Here i’m going to explain the steps to connect the new mysql datasource into SpagoBI Server.


1) Login to biadmin >> Resources >> Data Source.


2) In Data Source area >> Add.


3) In Data Source area >> You need to enter your data source (mysql database details) values. Here i’m going to add mysql data source

Data source connection string:

  • Label : Your wish (add based on your DB or project name)
  • Description : Your wish (add based on your DB or project name)
  • Dialect : mysql (Must be choose mysql because we are going to connect mysql data source)
  • Choose : Read and Write
  • Choose : jdbc
  • Url : jdbc:mysql://Your-server-IP:3306/Your-DB-Name (I’m connecting to remote server that’s y i mentioned remote server IP, If you going to connect locally, add localhost)
  • User : Your-DB-User-Name
  • Password : Your-DB-Password
  • Driver : com.mysql.jdbc.Driver



4) After updating all the required above values. Test your data source value by clicking T button top most right on your SpagoBI.
Yes, Data source is tested correctly.


5) Finally save your data Source by clicking T button top most right on your SpagoBI.


6) See the below screen shot, your new data source has been created in SpagoBI.
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