BIuser showing socket connection error on SpagoBI

We have already covered in our previous article about SpagoBI installation in Linux and working properly. When i’m trying to login biuser its through the below error message after login into biuser because i have missed to give executable permission to database directory (I’m using HSQL database). Here i’m going to show you, how i have identified the root causes of issue.

The following items have errors:
Grid (id = 552):
+ An exception occurred during processing. Please see the following message for details:
Cannot open the connection for the driver: There is an error in get connection, socket creation error.
Table (id = 469):
+ An exception occurred during processing. Please see the following message for details:
Cannot open the connection for the driver: There is an error in get connection, socket creation error. 

1) How to access the SpagoBI on browser ?

Try to access your SpagoBI App on your browser http://localhost:8080/SpagoBI/ and it will ask you to login which user you want, choose BI user.

3) biuser home page ?

biuser home page is looking like below.

4) biuser page through error ?

See the full error which is showing on biuser login.

5) How to identify ?

It seems database not connecting that’s why you will get below error message. I’m going to run the shell file to check what will happen.

# ./
./ 21: ./ ./ Permission denied

Yes, it’s through some error on line 21 on that file.

6) Checking shell file ?

Use your favourite text editor to open the file and navigate to line number 21

# nano


# resolve links - $0 may be a softlink

while [ -h "$PRG" ] ; do
  ls=`ls -ld "$PRG"`
  link=`expr "$ls" : '.*-> \(.*\)$'`
  if expr "$link" : '/.*' > /dev/null; then
    PRG=`dirname "$PRG"`/"$link"
PRGDIR=`dirname "$PRG"`
echo $PRGDIR

cd ../database
./ &
cd ../bin
./ &

In line number 21, its trying to start, file under database directory but there is no permission to start the file that’s why you are getting that error message.

7) Checking database directory files ?

Navigate to database directory and check the file. Yes, its seems the file not having executable permission to start the hsql database.

# cd database
# ls -lh
-rw-rw-r-- 1 magesh magesh   89 Jun 19  2012

I’m going to give executable permission to file. Check the file now.

# chmod 755

8) Run the file to start the server ?

I’m going to run the file to check the status.

# ./
[Thread[main,5,main]]: checkRunning(false) entered
[Server@49f2afad]: [Thread[main,5,main]]: checkRunning(false) exited
[Server@49f2afad]: Startup sequence initiated from main() method
[Server@49f2afad]: Loaded properties from [/home/magesh/Downloads/SpagoBI-Server-4.2-10042014/database/]
[Server@49f2afad]: Initiating startup sequence...
[Server@49f2afad]: Server socket opened successfully in 113 ms.
[Server@49f2afad]: Database [index=0, id=0, db=file:./foodmart, alias=foodmart] opened sucessfully in 23715 ms.
[Server@49f2afad]: Startup sequence completed in 23832 ms.
[Server@49f2afad]: 2014-06-26 10:36:51.389 HSQLDB server 1.8.0 is online
[Server@49f2afad]: To close normally, connect and execute SHUTDOWN SQL
[Server@49f2afad]: From command line, use [Ctrl]+[C] to abort abruptly

Yes, Now its fine and started HSQLDB server.

9) Checking biuser page ?

See the below screen shot, Now the error is gone.
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5 Comments on “BIuser showing socket connection error on SpagoBI”

  1. Should be mentioned, that nearly every *.sh file lags the executable-flag. First of all do someting like “chmod +x database/*.sh bin/*.sh” from the install-directory… After that everything should work as expected, including automatic start of database…

  2. you need to start the database, if you are using HSQL then do the following

    1. navigate to
    2. start the HSQL database
    3. Check SpagoBI URL again.

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