Gifine – Quickly Create An Animated GIF Video In Ubuntu/Debian

Gifine is a free tool that record selected area on your desktop, which can be export as a gif or mp4 video on Unix like operating system.

It is a GTK application implemented in MoonScript using lgi. You can either load a directory of frames, or select a region of your desktop to record.

Gifine has a option to edit or trim a record before exporting which is not available in any gif applications. This feature allows us to quickly remove what isn’t necessary like particular frames or entire section.

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Make a note, The recorded frames aren’t automatically cleaned up which you can find in your /tmp directory that help us to reload a session when its required. Use the load directory button on the initial screen, If you don’t want clean the gifine session to save disk space.

Install Gifine

It requires below prerequisites packages needs to be installed on your system. All these dependency can be installed from the distribution package manager.

$ sudo apt install -y ffmpeg graphicsmagick gifsicle luarocks slop git libxext-dev libimlib2-dev mesa-utils libxrender-dev glew-utils libglm-dev cmake compiz gengetopt libglu1-mesa-dev libglew-dev libxrandr-dev libgirepository1.0-dev

You may get error when you installing the lgi pacakge, so better to refresh the package index once.

$ sudo apt install update

LGI is gobject-introspection based dynamic Lua binding to GObject based libraries. It allows using GObject-based libraries directly from Lua.

$ sudo luarocks install lgi

Install gifine.

$ sudo luarocks install --server= gifine

How to Launch and Use Gifine

Just fire gifine on terminal to launch the gifine. You will be presented in below window, hit Record rectange button then select an area of the screen to capture.

$ gifine

Once you completed the screen capture, hit Stop recording button.

It will open another window where you can edit or trim a video.

Finally hit Save GIF button and save the file name as .gif. It will take a while to covert the gif so, don’t feel bad and sit back relax.

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