Free website monitoring providers part-II

Everybody knows about Technology improvement as of now & Entire IT infrastructure is being monitored with an eagle eye, So i don’t want to explain in depth and its not possible too. Here i’m going to give a quick guidance about monitoring websites and servers with third party tools which are available over the internet. As a website or server owner/user you should know/aware when your server/website is going down and when it will be back online. So, you can’t keep an eye with it. Just signup into anyone of the below website and add your website and server to get alerts. Website downtime is a fact of life. Even highly redundant websites experience failures. Website downtime reduces your online credibility, Whether you have a simple website or ecommerce site. We already covered the first part of Free website monitoring providers part-I

11) StatusCake

Statusacke is one of the best website monitoring provider. it’s Simple, Clean, Powerful. We believe that great power can be given without creating confusion. Our UI has been designed with this in mind. They have locations around the globe in every major continent, from Europe to Asia, from the Americas to Australia. With StatusCake you’ll be the first to know on performance issues no matter what country the issues stem from.

  • StatusCake
  • 5 Minutes Frequency free plan
  • Unlimited Website monitor
  • 30 Seconds Frequency paid plan
  • Truly Global Monitoring
  • SureAlert – No False Positives
  • Domain Monitoring
  • Real Browser Testing
  • SSL Certificate Monitoring
  • Malware and Virus Scanning
  • Integrations With The Best
  • TCP, DNS, PING, and HTTP(s)
  • Public Reporting


12) GotSiteMonitor

Start monitoring your website in minutes with free website monitor. Receive instant alerts when your website is down.

  • GotSiteMonitor
  • 5 Minutes Frequency free plan
  • 5 Websites monitor
  • Phone/SMS Alerts on sign up – 20
  • Monitoring Locations – Multiple
  • Global Monitoring Network
  • Website Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Instant Notifications
  • Monitoring Reports


13) anturis

Anturis is a monitoring software-as-a-service for both external monitoring of web services and internal monitoring of IT infrastructure components, such as servers, databases and applications. It is built primarily for busy IT administrators who aim to minimize maintenance complexity and costs. Anturis works with any infrastructure type such as physical, the cloud, or hybrid.

  • anturis
  • 1 minute polling period
  • 5 Websites monitor
  • Unlimited e-mail alerts
  • Server monitoring
  • Full page load monitoring
  • Software monitoring
  • Web transaction monitoring
  • Website monitoring
  • Network monitoring


14) InternetSupervision provides free website
monitoring services for one domain. While linking back to our site is mandatory, it’s a immensely valuable service that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars each year.

  • InternetSupervision
  • First 90 days: Your website is checked every 15 minutes
  • After 90 days: Your website is checked every 24 hours
  • One HTTP website page monitored
  • Email notifications to multiple addresses
  • Includes Free Uptime Reports
  • Free subscription to Website Magazine


15) 100PULSE

100pulse Monitoring service is to monitor websites, Ports, DNS, FTP, MySQL, SMTP, POP3, IMap & SSH protocols for downtime and response time. Keep in touch with your portal’s status and responsiveness through our free and paid services.

  • 100PULSE
  • Your website is checked every 15 minutes
  • 2 Websites monitor
  • Website Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Instant Notification
  • Uptime / Downtime Reports
  • Public Report


16) webmon

Webmon dashboards allow you to create and customize your graphs by including various target measurement values to compare their performance, and uptime from various regions.

  • webmon
  • Your website is checked every 30 Seconds
  • 1 Websites monitor
  • High Resolution Checks
  • Global Pinging Stations
  • Zero False Positives
  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Builtin PagerDuty Integration
  • Raw Measurements


17) ServerGuard24

When ServerGuard24 was founded in 2003 there were already a couple of monitoring services on the market. However none of them met the demands that the team from ServerGuard24 placed on really perfect server monitoring solution. The solutions at the time were simply not flexible enough, nor were they scalable, and above all else they were not reliable. For instance, false alarms were a frequently occurrence, which in server monitoring is more than annoying and time consuming.

  • ServerGuard24
  • 5 minutes Monitoring Interval
  • 1 Website monitor
  • Monitor your websites and IT infrastructure
  • Web Application Monitoring
  • Notification within seconds
  • Availability Reports
  • Performance Reports
  • Failure Analysis Information


18) host-tracker

Be the first to know when your website is down. Increase your uptime in several simple steps. Start monitoring your site immediately.

  • host-tracker
  • Your website is checked every 30 minutes
  • 2 Websites monitor
  • Website monitoring & alerts
  • Multi protocol monitoring
  • Multiple worldwide locations
  • Reports&Statistics



Webmaster watch out! is the ultimate solution to keep your server or website monitored. In the case of server failure, they give you notice as soon as possible. Not only by email, SMS and messenger but also by phone. Be sure: with our monitoring. With their server monitoring they check in frequent intervals, if your server is still online. They rely on accessibility of a website as well as various other indicatiors of a failure. In the case of a failure or other problems, they will send you an email, SMS and even a phone call.

  • every 10 minutes interval for interval in normal
  • every 5 minutes interval for interval on failure
  • 1 Websites monitor


20) FreeSiteStatus

Get rid of your uptime worries for good. We watch your website. Our main goal is to improve your infrastructure performance and prevent downtime to keep you online and available for your customers.

  • FreeSiteStatus
  • Checking every 60 minutes interval
  • Add more Websites to monitor
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Non-Stop Monitoring
  • Multi-Protocol Support
  • Worldwide Monitoring
  • Uptime & Performance Reports
  • Downtime Notification
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Send Reboot Request to Your Provider During Downtime
  • False Alarm Elimination

That’s it as of now, will come with another interesting topic of part 3 FREE website monitoring provider details. Stay tune with 2daygeek.

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