ExamSnap Guide: 6 Excellent resources for Microsoft 98-366: Networking fundamentals exam

The Microsoft 98-366 exam is almost similar to the CompTIA Network+ certification test when it comes to its content.

It is also known as Networking Fundamentals, and its purpose is to assess your knowledge of switches, routers, OSI models, wide area and local area networks, wireless networking, and IP addressing.

Those who pass the exam earns the MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) certificate. This certifications an ideal entry-level credential to help you begin your IT career.

6 Resources for Microsoft MTA 98-366 Exam

Using approved training materials is the best method to prepare for your certification exam. Most candidates are fond of shortcuts and often use PDFs and brain dumps to prepare for the test.

It is important to note that these materials need additional study methods. They will not help you gain better knowledge which will  make you perform better at work.

When you take your time to master the course contents of a certification exam, you are not only getting ready for the test but also developing your skills, expertise, and knowledge in the topics covered there.

Another important point to note is that you shouldn’t rely only on brain dumps. Microsoft can withhold or withdraw your certification if it is discovered that you have cheated.

This may also result in the situation when a person is not allowed to earn the credentials any more. Thus, use only windows verified platforms such as Examsnap.

Most people tend to believe that there is no way they can get caught. However, you need to know that Microsoft has been offering professional certification exams for years and they know what they are doing.

Now when we have established the importance of using legal materials to prepare for your certification exam, we need to highlight the top resources you can use to prepare for the Microsoft 98-366 test.

1. Microsoft Video Academy

The MVA (Microsoft Video Academy) provides you with introductory lessons on the 98-366 certification exam.This is not sufficient for your study although it is a great way to begin your preparation for the test. The materials in the video do not cover everything you need to know before taking the exam.

In fact, it is introductory series that is meant to lay down the foundation for your preparation. You will have to explore other materials to get an in-depth knowledge of the topics.

These videos are available without payment, so you can easily access them and use whenever you want.

2. Examsnap

If you have been looking for material that can help you prepare for the Microsoft Networking Fundamentals exam, look no further because you will know about Examsnap now.

It is an online platform that provides you with exam dumps and video series of various certification courses. All you need to do is to register on the website and pay a fee  to access various tools that will help you prepare for the exam.

Examsnap will enable you to pass your exams with confidence by providing you with the most accurate and comprehensive preparation materials on the Internet. The platform also has training courses to help you improve your study.

Before making any payment on the site, you can complete the trial course to establish whether the site is suitable for your exam preparation needs.

3. Exam 98-366: MTA Networking Fundamentals

This is a study resource (book) which provides you with a comprehensive approach to the various topics. It is important for you to note that this study guide is critical to your success.

It offers you more detailed material than the introductory lectures by the MVA. It is advisable that you do not focus on the sample questions in each part when using this book.

You should not concentrate on the sample questions because they are not so informative. You can make up for this shortcoming by checking out other practice test options. Overall, this book is a top resource that will contribute greatly to your certification exam success.

4. Measure-Up

Measure-Up is the official Microsoft practice test provider whereby you can access different materials. You can get a lab and hands-on practice with networking software tools, which are very beneficial for your preparation. The site also has study questions that you can purchase.

5. U-Certify

The U-Certify platform is a reputed organization that offers video courses that are considered to be more understandable than those offered by the MVA. In addition to video courses, the site presents flashcards at the end of the videos.

You can also access a series of practice tests, which contain several hundreds of study materials on the platform. There are more contents in videos and tests that you can access from the moment you subscribe. Depending on what you are looking for, you can choose to buy the tests or the videos.

6. Networking Essentials – Wiki

There are several posts that are linked to the Networking Essentials page on Wiki, and you can be sure that these articles are greatly detailed with information that will be helpful for your exam preparation.

It is important to note that they are not meant to be studied as the only resource materials. You should only use them as additional means for the purpose of getting more information on specific topics but not as an individual study tool.


You may not be able to access all the top resources available. However, you can access some of them. In addition to the resources mentioned, there are few other resources are available. Visit the Microsoft official website to get the list of reliable resource platforms you can use. Study and be well-prepared for the 98-366 certification exam!

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