Important cPanel/WHM Configuration files

cPanel is best and No.1 web hosting control panel for Linux environment, which will help administrator to manage everything without headache. Also read about cPanel/WHM utility Command line scripts & cPanel/WHM log files location. We know 95% of the configuration files are located under /etc directory (and subdirectory) and you can use your favorite text editor to manage when you want to make any changes on. Make sure if you make changes wrongly which will lead to damage the particular service because services depends configuration file on Linux. I have collected almost, all the cPanel configuration files location, Still i’m searching to add more files. If you found anything missed in our article add your command to our comment section for future readers.

Config file locationDescription
/usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.confApache configuration file
/etc/exim.confExim Mail Server configuration file
/etc/named.confName server (named) configuration file
/etc/proftpd.confproftpd server configuration file
/etc/pure-ftpd.confpure-ftpd server configuration file
/var/cpanel/cpanel.configcpanel configuration file (Tweak Settings)
/etc/resolv.confNetworking Setup, Resolver Configuration
/etc/wwwacct.confaccount creation defaults file in WHM (Basic cPanel/WHM Setup)
/etc/cpupdate.confcPanel Update Config (upcp)
/etc/cpbackup.confBackup Configuration
/etc/clamav.confclamav (antivirus configuration file)
/usr/local/lib/php.iniphp configuration file
/etc/my.cnfmysql configuration file
/etc/dovecot.confdovecot configuration file
/var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf & pg_hba.confPostgreSQL configuration file
valiases/domainnamecatchall and forwarders are set here
/etc/vfilters/domainnameemail filters are set here
/etc/userdomainsall domains are listed here - addons, parked,subdomains along with their usernames
/etc/localdomainsexim related file - all domains should be listed here to be able to send mails
/var/cpanel/users/usernamecpanel user file
/etc/cpbackup-userskip.confbackup skipped configuration file
/etc/ssh/sshd_configssh configuration file
/etc/sysconfig/networkNetworking Setup
/etc/nameserveripsFor addpkg, etc permissions for resellers
/var/cpanel/resellersFor addpkg, etc permissions for resellers
/etc/ipsip addresses on the server (except the shared ip) (IP Functions-->Show IP Address Usage )
/etc/ipaddrpoolip addresses which are free
/etc/ips.dnsmastername server ips
/var/cpanel/CountersTo get the counter of each users
/var/cpanel/username.acctsreseller accounts are listed in this files
/var/cpanel/packageshosting packages are listed here
/var/cpanel/root.acctsroot owned domains are listed here
/var/cpanel/suspendedsuspended accounts are listed here
/var/cpanel/users/cpanel user file – theme, bwlimit, addon, parked, sub-domains all are listed in this files
/var/cpanel/zonetemplates/dns zone template files are taken from here

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