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Hi Guys,if you are planning to host your website, what you had to do..?? First of all, you have to choose a proper hosting company and then have to select better hosting packages.Let me explain about hosting and its faculties here for your knowledge.

What is hosting ?

The companies, who provide a space on their server for owned or leased by yourself through internet connectivity(which means internet authority of you), is called as web hosting companies. Practically, you see,nowadays every of us were sharing our thoughts/knowledge through some social media sites or else by starting a blog by our-self and maintaining it properly, we didn’t bother about notes/dairies and all because, its all olden days passion. We are all changed according to our trends. For that we need one database to hold our information without any interruption. So that we need hosting here to place our websites safely and to make it live in world wide web.

What types of hostings are available ?

1) Shared Hosting
2) Reseller Hosting
3) VPS Hosting
4) Cloud Hosting
5) Dedicated Hosting

Now, in this article, I’m going to explain about shared hosting, and its advantages/disadvantages.

What is shared hosting ?

Consider that you are living in an apartment. There you may share a common space with your neighbors such as giving money for maintenance, being a part of responsibilities, etc.Likewise in shared hosting, we can share everything like, disk space, CPU Usage, RAM, Bandwidth, single Web server, single mail server and single database server. In real world more then 80% web sites hosted on shared server, Why, because of its cheap rate (packages)and flexibility to maintain it properly. Most of the hosting provider, host 2000+ websites on single shared server.

Advantages of Shared Hosting ?

The major shared hosting advantages are below.

  • No server maintenance.
  • Instant / Excellent support.
  • Low Price.
  • Easy user interface (FREE) to maintain the website.
  • Personal site, small business and blog sites run smoothly.
  • Most of the software is available (WordPress, joomla @ osclass) and ready to install instantly.
  • You can upgrade any time, If you needed additional (disk space & bandwith).
  • Powerful hardware (Dual xeon new series of server).

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting ?

The major shared hosting disadvantages are below.

  • Limited resource (Disk space, CPU Usage, RAM & Bandwidth).
  • Often you will get issues(Like, DNS problem & mail issues).
  • You can’t able to install any software which you want.
  • root access denied.
  • Can’t run cron continuously.
  • Can’t send news letter (Bulk mail’s).
  • If continuously consuming load on server you will be face lots of problem (Like, Your web site temporarily suspended or your site shows Resource limit reached) because the hosting provider had installed the Cloud Linux on their server and limit all the resource to every user’s. Like, CPU utilization percentage (%), memory utilization percentage (%) and processor utilization percentage (%).


I was worked 2.5 years on hosting industry, that time i have learned lots of things and faced lot and lot issues and customers based on that, i had prepared this article. If you are planning to host website, first you should understand your requirement and buy hosting. Without knowing your requirement you can’t get proper web hosting package. Once if you choose wrong hosting package or provider you will definitely affected. So think yourself and find out correct host for you. CHEERS.

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