Orbital Apps – A new generation of Linux Applications

Technology improved a lot and still improving daily basic to make the environment more stable and easy to work. Like that way Orbital Apps or ORB Apps Open Runnable Bundle came to picture. It’s completely free, open source applications that will help us to RUN more then 60 Apps without installing on system, even you can directly run from USB drive to Ubuntu 16.04 (Currently supported Ubuntu 16.04 & 15.10). Alternatively we can install all the Apps in off-line too (Dependencies are included).

Apps are Signed with PGP/RSA and distributed via TLS 1.2 and compressed high level when we are comparing actual size, it comes 60% smaller.

OrbiatlApps support two method

  • Portable apps
  • Superdebs

1) Portable Apps

Apps automatically enter Portable Mode when running from a USB drive, which means all settings and data used by the App will be stored on the USB drive. Alternatively we can run from system hard drive without installing it. Nothing to install – Apps run without installing them and don’t require any special software & no need privilege access, more details

2) Superdebs

Superdebs are software installers which contains a program with all required dependencies designed to make it easier to distribute and install software on Debian-based systems, in particular, Ubuntu 16.04, 15.10, 15.10 32-bit too more details

3) How to Use Portable Apps

Currently 39 portable applications packages are available and ready to use such as audacious, audacity, clementine, darktable, deluge, easytag & more. No need to install portable ORB apps but as per ORB team recommendation, install ORB launcher to get better experience. It will pop windows for authentication, just enter the root password for further installation.

$ wget -O - https://www.orbital-apps.com/orb.sh | bash


  • Visit ORB portable apps download page
  • Download the package which you want to use
  • Navigate to downloaded location, then launch the application

Here i’m going to download filezilla package.

Double click to Launch the package.

4) Install & Use Superdebs

Currently 60+ Superdebs applications packages are available and ready to use such as Deluge, easytag, eclipse, filezilla, Firefox, GIMP, Libreoffice, uGet, VLC & more. We can easily install Superdebs packages similar to windows package and the installation process are bit smoother compare with other installation method, Also we can install off line too (Dependencies are included).

  • Visit Superdebs download page
  • Download the package which you want to install
  • Navigate to downloaded location, then double click the application to install

Here i’m going to download VLC package.

Double Click the package, then hit Ok button and enter the root password for authentication.

Superdep Installer processing VLC player installation.

VLC Player installation got success.

Navigate to Menu and Launch VLC.

Alternatively we can install the Superdebs from command line.

$ sudo ~/Download/gnome-maps_superdeb_for_ubuntu_16.04_64bits_1463057105.orb --auto

Just hit Ok

Superdep Installer processing Gnome-Maps installation.

Gnome-Maps installation got success.

Navigate to Menu and Launch Gnome-Maps.


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  1. I dunno, I don’t see the need for this, I mean maybe I’m not understanding the usage of this, but If I want FileZilla, or VLC on my system, why wouldn’t I just install it? It seems this is possibly for those who have limited resources?…or maybe they’re unable to install these apps due to company restrictions?…(In which case they probably wouldn’t be able to use this app as it might require administrative permissions??) I just don’t see the need for something like this. Even if your argument is that they’re running a machine without adequate resources (Memory….CPU…..etc) this might choke a system such as that…..instead of helping it by trying to run this on its hardware. I guess maybe I’m just not understanding this one….

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