Install Nylas N1 0.4.5 (Extensible Email Client) on Linux

Nylas N1 is an open-source mail client built on the modern web with Electron, React, and Flux. It is designed to be extensible, so it’s easy to create new experiences and workflows around email. N1 is built on the Nylas Sync Engine which is also open source free software. More useful plugin is available you can enable/add in N1 easily. If you want to build a new plugin you can do and integrate, also you can integrate other tools & app. The team size is very small, if you want to contribute N1 you can do by notifying issues, bugs & codes. The latest version of Nylas N1 4.4.5 released on few hours ago February 08, 2016.

1) Install Nylas N1 on Debian based Systems

We can easily install Nylas N1 on Debian based systems such as Ubuntu, Mint & Debian from DEB file. Just fire the below commands.

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i N1-0.4.5.deb

1) Install Nylas N1 on RPM beased Systems

We can easily install Nylas N1 on RPM based sysesms such as RHEL, Fedora, CentOS & openSUSE from RPM file. Just fire the below commands.

# rpm -Uvh


# [yum|dnf|zypper] install

Say hello to N1, then hit Continue.
Developers Welcome, then hit Continue.
N1 made by Nylas Sync Engine, then hit Get Started.
Select you email provider.
I have selected Gmail because i’m going add gmail into Nylas N1.
Authenticate Nylas N1 to access your gmail.
Choose your Layout which you want.
If you want additional features, you can install here via plugin.
Now, we have successfully configured Gmail with Nylas N1.
If you want Desktop Notification, you have to install the below package.

$ sudo apt-get install zenity

# [yum|dnf|zypper] install zenity


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