How To Install Official Android Emulator (SDK) On Linux

7) How To Add Android Virtual Device (AVD)

Create a new Android Virtual Device for you. Click Create button to add a new AVD on your android emulator. Click tools button to launch AVD creation window. If it is not showing maximize the current windows and get the tools button.

Choose the required configuration as like below screen shot, then hit OK button.

This is your configuration output based on your selection which you had done in the above steps, then hit OK button.

8) How To Launch A New Android Virtual Device (AVD)?

Choose your Android Virtual Device (AVD) then hit Start button. Which will popup the Launch Options, Just hit the Launch button to kickstart the Android Emulator, if you don’t want to specific any launch option. It will take bit time to load. Finally accept the Google Privacy Policy, then hit Proceed button to launch the device successfully.

Launch Option, just hit Launch button.

Emulator kick your AVD and initiate it, it will take few seconds to load.

Accept the Google Privacy Policy, then hit Proceed button.

9) How To Launch A New Android Device?

See The below screen shot the new android device got launched in my PC.

Click the Browser icon to access the Internet.

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