How to open websites in Linux terminal

This is very small and handy geek, i think most of us were didn’t knew this at first including me, it may or may not be correct which i’m going to share here. Now, i’m going to explain how to open the websites in linux shell. You can use links or elinks command to view the websites. The package should be installed on your server as default, if it is not so you need to install and use the amazing command.

1) To check the package Red Hat / Fedora Linux / Suse Linux / Cent OS

To check whether the package is installed or not on your server, use the below syntax.

Syntax :# rpm -qa | grep [Package-Name]

Now, i’m going to check the package (links & elinks) whether installed or not in our server.

# rpm -qa | grep links

The output is showing both packages are installed in our server, Now i’m going to browse the website from linux bash shell.

2) To check websites in Linux terminal

To check the website in linux use the below two commands to view it.

[email protected] [~]# elinks
[email protected] [~]# links


The below output clearly showing my site in linux shell prompt, you can use the mouse to click any other link/pages smiler as browser.

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   Link: profile
   Link: pingback
   Link: >> Feed (alternate)
   Link: >> Comments Feed (alternate)
   Link: RSD (EditURI)
   Link: wlwmanifest
   Link: next
   Link: canonical
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