How to integrate Thunderbird with openfire using xmpp for chat

We have already covered in our previous articles, how to install Openfire server, Openfire Upgrade, Openfire Migration & install Spark IM client in Linux Environment. Here i’m going to explain, step’s to integrate Thunderbird with openfire using xmpp for chat. Its very amazing future.

Step : 1

Open the thunderbird mail client on your PC

Step : 2

Click the chat icon on your thunderbird and its shows below message.
You haven’t set up a chat account yet.
Let Thunderbird guide you through the process of setting up your chat account.
Click Get Started

Step : 3

Chat Account Wizard window pop-up. And you need to choose XMPP option and hit NEXT button.

Step : 4

Here you need to enter your Username which was created in openfire server and also add your openfire server installation url, like below. And hit NEXT button.
My User Name in Opefire Server : mageshm
Openfire Server Installation URL is :
User Name should be : [email protected]

Step : 5

Enter your account password and hit NEXT button.

Step : 6

Here you can add Alias and its optional. And XMPP option you need to mention the openfire server installation url and hit NEXT button.
Make sure, you should allow the required port number on your firewall (5222,5223)
5222 – The standard port for clients to connect to the server without encryption
5223 – The standard port for clients to connect to the server with encryption

Step : 7

You have almost complete the setup and see the details which is provided by you, then hit FINISH button.

Step : 8

Now, its shows your chat account are not connected. Hit the Show Chat Status button.

Step : 9

While clicking Show Chat Status button. It will pop-up Instant messaging status window. Then hit Connect button, but no luck and still shows same error.

Step : 10

Go to Thunderbird Menu >> Preference >> Preference and it will pop-up the thunderbird preference windows.
Thunderbird preference windows look like below.

Step : 11

In thunderbird preference window >> Advanced >> Certificates >> Select one automatically >> View_Certificates.

Step : 12

In Certificate Manager window >> Add_Exception >> it will pop-up new window.

Step : 13

In Add Security Exception window >> Enter your openfire installed url (if you didn’t use the ssl certificate then remove the s) >> Get_Certificate

If it’s verified the certificate then tick Permanently store this exception and hit >> Confirm Security Exception.

Step : 14

Now you can see your server certificate in Certificate Manager window and hit OK button to all the open windows.

Step : 15

In Instant messaging status window >> Connect (Yes, now got connected)

Step : 16

I have another user called magesh.muthu and i’m going to login this user using Spark IM Client and give a request to mageshm user. See the below screen shot. i’m getting request from magesh.muthu user. I want to Allow that user request to do further chat.

Step : 17

See the below screen shot, i’m doing chat with magesh.muthu user using thunderbird mail client.
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