Free Cloud Storage for personal use part-IV

Human life style is changing periodically because of technology improvement. Say for example 10 years back we used to keep TECH information in Diary (Note book) but after a certain stage we migrated Diary to online blog. The same thing is happening now for storing/keeping & sharing files (Word docs, images, videos, music, movies, etc,..) in local PC, external hard disk & pen-drive into online (free cloud storage). Why, we migrated along with the technology? Cloud storage services are good for storing & sharing files with someone. Also it will sync data automatically to all your devices (From web to local pc, mobile, tab & local pc, mobile, tab to web). In this article, we are going to cover FREE Cloud Storage providers Part-4.

41) Mozy

Mozy is known for having the best free backup & cloud storage software which was owned by EMC. You can store,backup, sync and access anywhere, anytime. For every referral you will get 256MB credit. If you refer 20 people you will get 5GB and totally you will get 7GB as free.

  • mozy
  • 2GB free upto 7GB for referrel
  • Sync Client allows users to sync data across their devices such as Desktop and mobile apps (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
  • Some notable Mozy Features are
  • Automatic Backup software
  • Access everything — share easily
  • File sync software


42) MyOtherDrive

MyOtherDrive ( is a leading online storage service offering tools for online backup and file sharing. Our service enables users to backup their computers online, share files with friends, and search files online. MyOtherDrive is one of the fastest growing
online storage companies on the Internet. With millions of files, folders, and content backed up online for our customers. Our service is used by individuals, businesses, and government.

  • MyOtherDrive
  • 2GB FREE storage
  • Sync across Mobile, Tablet & Web
  • Some notable MyOtherDrive Features are
  • Backup all your computers from one account
  • Automatic (Unattended) or Manual Backup
  • Collaboration (Public, Friend, and Password based Sharing)
  • Security
  • Drag and Drop Upload
  • Postal Backup (Mail in that USB drive!)
  • Backup (Archive) and Synchronize
  • Import from other Online Storage Services
  • Public Sharing
  • File Linking & Secure Links
  • Online Albums
  • Move and Copy Folders and Files between accounts
  • Grab File


43) 4shared

4shared provides its users with the highest-quality, free online hosting and sharing services. Our team is comprised of dedicated specialists, in the areas of programming, web design, and marketing communications. 4shared is an innovative, high-tech company, and we develop useful software designed to make data storage and access easier and more intuitive to users everywhere. The main principle of our business is to completely satisfy the needs of our users for all their data sharing and storing. All of our services are user-friendly, innovative and intuitive.

  • 4shared
  • Free 15GB storage
  • Sync (via computers, mobiles, and web)
  • Some notable 4shared Features are
  • Multiple files upload\download
  • Resume interrupted connection ability
  • Powerful, easy to use file manager
  • Totally Free
  • Detailed statistics
  • User friendly file manager


44) zipcloud

Simple Cloud Storage for your documents, photos, music and more. Backup your computer, backup your life!.

  • zipcloud
  • Fee 1 GB storage space
  • Sync Clients are available on PC, mobiles and web
  • Some notable zipcloud Features are
  • Encrypted & secure
  • Sync multiple computers
  • Access files anywhere
  • Completely Automated
  • Cloud For your Mobile Devices
  • Share Files Easily
  • Easy to Use


45) justcloud

Professional Cloud Storage from JustCloud is Simple, Fast and Unlimited. Just Cloud will automatically backup all your documents, photos, music, videos and more to the cloud so you are never without files again.

  • justcloud
  • 1 GB of free, referrel you will get upto 18GB free
  • Sync Clients are available on PC, Mac, Android, IOS
  • Some notable justcloud Features are
  • Free cloud storage
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • 100% automated
  • Encrypted and secure
  • Access files anywhere


46) OpenDrive

OpenDrive – Cloud based drive accessible from anywhere. OpenDrive is an online storage service that creates a virtual file system on your computer or mobile device enabling you to work with your files in the cloud. The mission of OpenDrive is to provide one single source of files residing in the cloud and the ability to access them from any device, unlike other services that create multiple copies across connected devices or mirroring existing files on your computer.

  • OpenDrive
  • Free 5GB Storage
  • Sync Clients are available on PC, Mac, Android, IOS
  • Some notable OpenDrive Features are
  • Online storage & backup
  • File syncing
  • Online file sharing
  • File hotlinking
  • Access from anywhere


47) elephantdrive

ElephantDrive is committed to providing individuals and businesses simple but powerful tools for protecting and accessing their data. We want ordinary people to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the type of enterprise-class backup, storage, and data management that has historically only been available to big corporations, and the convenience of the latest and greatest web-based solutions.

  • elephantdrive
  • 2GB Free Storage
  • Sync Clients are available on PC, Mac, Android, IOS
  • Some notable elephantdrive Features are
  • automatic backup
  • access everywhere
  • Web access
  • Secure sharing
  • Secure sending


48) mimedia

MiMedia keeps your files private, safe and secure — and you can easily control who else can see them. Take sharing a step further by collaborating with friends and family to create richer stories and lasting memories.

  • mimedia
  • Free 10GB Storage
  • Sync Clients are available on Windows PC, Mac, Blackberry, Android, IOS, windows phone
  • Some notable mimedia Features are
  • Free to use and secure
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited usage


49) Backupandshare

‘BackupandShare’ is the most secure, easy to use solution for managing and sharing files online.

  • Backupandshare
  • Free 1GB Storage
  • Sync Clients are available on PC, Mac, Android, IOS
  • Some notable Backupandshare Features are
  • Online Backup & security
  • Share documents, files, folders and photos


50) ASUS WebStorage

Store everything, Share anything. It provides not only storage but also many unimaginable possibilities of a highly convenient cloud lifestyle. ASUS WebStorage centralizes the management of all your data in no time, and there are many sharing modes for real-time sharing.

  • ASUS WebStorage
  • Free 5GB Storage
  • Sync Clients are available on PC, Mac, Android, IOS
  • Some notable ASUS WebStorage Features are
  • Support to a variety of devices
  • Easy backup and recovery/li>
  • Snap. And share to everywhere.
  • Smart keyword search
  • Easy and instant sharing
  • Unbreakable information security
  • Convenient and rich applications

That’s it as of now, will come with another interesting topic of part 5 FREE Cloud storage provider details. Stay tune with 2daygeek.

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