Packer – Arch User Repository (AUR+Pacman) Helper For Arch Linux

packer is a package wrapper which is used to install packages from AUR & Pacman repository. It similar to Yaourt and designed to be a simple and very fast replacement for the basic functionality of Yaourt. Also over come yaourt drawbacks. It reduce manually effort to compiling and installing the packages available on AUR. AUR stands for Arch User Repository, it’s big community-driven repository and contains 44,000+ packages.

Install & Enable packer Package Tool

We can easily install packer package tool by cloning the files from packer git source.

[Install Dependency]
$ sudo pacman -S base-devel fakeroot jshon expac git wget

[Download PKGBUILD]
$ wget

[Rename the file to PKGBUILD]
$ mv PKGBUILD\?h\=packer PKGBUILD

[Run makepkg on the PKGBUILD]
$ makepkg

[Install packer]
$ sudo pacman -U packer-*.pkg.tar.xz

[Sync AUR Packages]
$ packer -Syu

[Install a package from AUR]
$ packer -S [package]

Now you can install AUR packages without any trouble via Packer.

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