Fedora 25 released with Gnome 3.22 and Wayland is a default display server

Fedora Project, proudly announced the general release of Fedora 25 on November 22, 2016 after usual delay. Fedora is free, leading-edge operating system sponsored by RedHat and maintained by Fedora community.

Fedora is enterprise Linux and adapting all the new technologies which is currently available in rolling release distribution, even though it’s not a beginner friendly, i don’t know why but i love to work on it because i’m using Fedora is a primary OS on my wife laptop.

There are great new features, many bug fixes and tweaks done on fedora 25. So, users can easily deploy in their production environments right now by downloading the preferred ISO images.

Download Fedora 25 ISO Images

Download the Fedora 25 workstation from the above link and install easily by referring the below article.

How to install Fedora 25 workstation

What’s New in Fedora 25

    Gnome 3.22 : Fedora 25 Workstation ported with GNOME 3.22 which is one of the best desktop provides an easy-to-use operating system for everybody. User can enjoy all the new features & visual changes from Gnome 3.22.

    Wayland display server : Fedora 25 shipped with Wayland as a default display server and still you have option to switch old display server X11 from the login screen, if you required. FYI, Enlightenment is the first distribution offered Wayland as a default display server before fedora.

    Fedora Media Writer : Fedora 25 included new utility called Fedora Media Writer which helps you to find and download latest fedora version then create live USB to test Fedora editions, Spins, or Labs. Fedora Media Writer is a highly polished and user-friendly experience.

  • Flatpak support : Fedora 25 Workstation offers improved Flatpak support. It’s more easier to install, update and remove Flatpak software.
  • Fedora 25 included list of updated packages :
    • Docker 1.12 for building and running containerized applications
    • Node.js 6.9.1, the latest version of the popular server-side JavaScript engine
    • Support for Rust, a faster and more stable system programming language
    • PHP 7, offering improved performance and reduced memory usage
    • Multiple Python versions — 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 — to help run test suites across several Python configurations, as well as PyPy, PyPy3, and Jython
  • Fedora Spins make it easy for people to use other desktop environments such as KDE Plasma, Xfce, LXDE, Mate-Compiz, and Cinnamon
  • MP3 decoding support : If you play a MP3 file from your collection, GNOME Software detects it and helps you install the plugin.
  • Extensions don’t expire : Finally, GNOME Shell extensions are no longer compatibility checked against the GNOME Shell version. Now these interfaces have stabilized. So your extensions will work better from release to release.
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