Manjaro 15.09 Release notes & Upgrade steps

Manjaro project (Bellatrix) proudly announced the general availability of manjaro 15.09, on September 27, 2015. First time Manjaro team deceided to go with date tag now on-words, that’s the release shows manjaro 15.09 instead of manjaro 0.9.0. we shiped with Calamares as an alternative graphical installer. It is now stable enough to be used on productive systems.

What’s new in Manjaro 15.09

  • Added Calamares graphical installer
  • erminal installer got some improvements
  • Firefox upgraded to 41
  • pulseaudio to 7.0
  • Linux kernel 41
  • some issues fixed on dbus
  • Lots of issue fixed in tool
  • fixed some Archlinux upstream
  • mate-polkit issue has been fixed
  • The wonderfully improved Pamac replaces Octopi
  • Improved compositing now with shadows
  • notification for vertical/horizontal tiling
  • improved OpenRC-support
  • manjaro 15.09 release notes
  • manjaro 15.09 release notes1
  • manjaro Linux Download link

Note : 1) Don’t forget to take backup of your important/valuable data. If something goes wrong we will install freshly and restore the data.
2) Upgrade will take time based on your internet connection

1) Checking the current version of my Desktop

See my current desktop version in the below snapshot.

2) How to Upgrade Manjaro to latest version

Use the below commands to upgrade your system from Manjaro 0.8.x to 15.09

# Update all the packages to latest version and OS #
[email protected]:~$ sudo pacman -Syu

3) Checking the upgraded version of my Desktop

See my upgraded desktop version in the below snapshot.
Now, Everybody in Manjaro 15.09…Enjoyee…)

Magesh Maruthamuthu

Love to play with all Linux distribution

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