Ubuntu 15.04 installation steps with screenshot

Canonical announced the stable release of Ubuntu 15.04 on April 23rd 2015 and the new project code name is Vivid Vervet, which will be supported for the next 9 months. If you are in older version of ubuntu. I strongly advise you to upgrade ubuntu 15.04. Here i’m going to show you, how to install ubuntu 15.04 with detailed screen shots.

Ubuntu 15.04 Download link

1) Booting Computer with ubuntu 15.04 installation media.

Boot your computer with Ubuntu 15.04 installation media like (Burned CD/DVD or ISO image). After booting from your installation media it will display the below screen.

2) Choosing Ubuntu installation

Choose install Ubuntu button to install Ubuntu 15.04 on your system.

3) Checking basic requirements

Checking basic requirements to install Ubuntu 15.04 os, then hit Continue.

4) Choose Your Installation Method

For fresh installation choose “Erase disk and install Ubuntu”, then hit Insall Now.
Write the changes to disk, then hit Continue.

5) Date & Time Selection

Choose the location, then hit Continue.

6) Keyboard layout Selection

Choose your preferred Keyboard layout to set default one, then hit Continue.

7) Personalise your installation

Enter the required details, then hit Continue.

8) Installation under process

Ubuntu 15.04 installation under process and it will take a while to complete.

9) Installation Completed

Ubuntu 15.04 installation completed, then hit Restart Now.

10) Ubuntu login screen

Ubuntu 15.04 login screen, Enter the password, then hit Enter.

11) Ubuntu home screen

Ubuntu 15.04 home screen.

12) Ubuntu version checking

See the below screenshot, I’m using latest version of Ubuntu 15.04.
I personally like Ubuntu desktop because i’m using ubuntu morethan 4 years. You can also try once and update the feedback.

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