Thunderbird shows The size of the message you are trying to send exceeds a temporary size limit of the server

When i send mail from thunderbir, i got below error message.

The size of the message you are trying to send exceeds a temporary size limit of the server. The message was not sent; try to reduce the message size or wait some time and try again. The server responded: (IP, Sender) first encounter..

Solution :

Open /etc/exim.conf file and add the below line.

[email protected] [~]# nano /etc/exim.conf

  GNU nano 2.0.9                                 File: /etc/exim.conf                                                                          

#!!# cPanel Exim 4 Config

disable_ipv6 = true
message_size_limit = 0M
smtp_accept_queue_per_connection = 50

hostlist loopback = <; ; ; ::1 ; 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:ffff:7f00:0000/8

hostlist senderverifybypass_hosts = net-iplsearch;/etc/senderverifybypasshosts

hostlist skipsmtpcheck_hosts = net-iplsearch;/etc/skipsmtpcheckhosts

hostlist spammeripblocks = net-iplsearch;/etc/spammeripblocks

hostlist backupmx_hosts = lsearch;/etc/backupmxhosts

hostlist trustedmailhosts = lsearch;/etc/trustedmailhosts

hostlist relay_hosts = net-iplsearch;/etc/relayhosts

domainlist user_domains = ${if exists{/etc/userdomains} {lsearch;/etc/userdomains} fail}

remote_max_parallel = 10

smtp_receive_timeout = 165s

ignore_bounce_errors_after = 1d

rfc1413_query_timeout = 0s

timeout_frozen_after = 5d

auto_thaw = 7d

Then save and exit, That's it.

Note :

1) If still you are facing the same issues, try to disable firewall (CSF & ASF) and check it.
2) If you still facing the issue after disabling firewall, try to reset the exim configuration via WHM panel and try to access it, Surely it will resolve your issue (Make sure, While resetting the exim configuration you will lose all the manual configuration)

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