Page Jacking

The activity of stealing content from an internet web site and repeating it into another computing machine so as to siphon a number of the initial sites traffic to the traced sites. Page jackers consider search engines to spider the contents of the illegitimate site and index the results in order that the traced site can seem within the search result rankings in conjunction with the initial site rankings. Users are often tricked into thinking the illegitimate web site is that the one they’re checking out, and once they visit the traced web site they’ll be subjected to mouse trapping.

The term page jacking may be a combination of the words website and hijacking, indicating that an internet page has been hijacked.Users area unit typically deceived into basic cognitive process that a phoney web site is really the one they is attempting to search out. As presently as a tricked user browses the cloned web site, he is also directed to associate unwanted web site, like associate R-rated or sexy web site.

Users typically encounter mouse trapping, that is that the major threat for page jacking victims. Mouse trapping may be a technique that forces an online user to remain on a specific web site by not permitting the user to exit that web site. Anytime the user makes an attempt to depart the web site by closing the browser or continuing to a brand new URL, the location triggers a mousetrap that mechanically opens a brand new browser with constant URL or doesn’t allow the browser to proceed to a brand new URL. Some kinds of mousetraps solely open a hard and fast variety of recent browser windows before finally permitting the annoyed user to exit the location. However, different mousetraps trigger the gap of associate infinite variety of browser windows, and also the solely method of exploit the lure is by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE to terminate the method (or restart the system if this fails).

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