Linux Lite 2.4 installation steps with screenshot

Linux Lite is fully functional out of the box, which was designed who are new to Linux or for people who want a lightweight environment for desktop and laptop. Linux Lite project proudly announced the general availability of Linux Lite 2.4, on March 31, 2015. Linux Lite is based on ubuntu distribution. This is the third release to Linux Lite 2.x series. In this release they added support for exFAT, Android MTPFS, VPN connections, Bluetooth and NTP. For more details linux lite 2.4

Linux Lite 2.4 Download link

1) Booting Computer with Linux Lite installation media.

Boot your computer with Linux Lite 2.4 installation media like (Burned CD/DVD or USB or ISO image). It will shows welcome screen then hit Enter.

2) Linux Lite installation

Click “Install Linux Lite” icon to start installation. Choose your prepared language, then hit Continue.

3) Checking basic requirements

Checking basic requirements to install Linux Lite OS, then hit Continue.

4) Choose Your Installation Method

Choose the “Automatic” installation method, then hit Install Now.
Write the changes to disk, then hit Continue.

5) Date & Time Selection

Choose the location, then hit Insall Now.

6) Keyboard layout Selection

Choose your preferred Keyboard layout to set default one, then hit Insall Now.

7) Personalise your installation

Enter the required details, then hit Install Now.

8) Installation under process

Linux Lite 2.4 installation under process and it will take a while to complete, then hit Intsall Now.

9) Installation Completed

Linux Lite 2.4 installation completed, then hit Restart Now.

10) Linux Lite login screen

Linux Lite login screen, click the username to get password window and enter the password, then hit Enter.

11) Linux Lite home screen

Linux Lite home screen.

12) Linux Lite version checking

See the below screenshot, I’m using latest version of linux lite 2.4.
Very lightweight desktop, you can also try once and update the feedback.

Magesh Maruthamuthu

Love to play with all Linux distribution

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