Pushed Fedora Graphical upgrade via Gnome software utility

Fedora project promised when the release Fedora 24, Graphical upgrade will be push after a month through GNOME Software which is, one of the new feature on Fedora 24. Thy day came to picture now, its time to upgrade from fedora 23 to fedora 24 through GUI via GNOME software. I hold one Virtual machine to test this upgrade, how the upgrade process is going.

I have been checking the Gnome Software utility very often but no luck (As of now, i didn’t get the notification on Gnome Software) and finally yesterday, i came to know they already pushed it, a week ago. The update has been pushed through GNOME software 3.20.4 version. So, first we need to update available upgrade on Fedora 23 (either gnome software or command line). Probably the Gnome software update to latest one 3.20.4 which capable to do the upgrade from one version to another version, like Fedora 23 to Fedora 24.

Note: If you get the notification on Gnome software, just hit Restart & Install button under Updates tab which will reboot the system and do the necessary upgrade. Once update complete again the system will reboot and shows list of upgraded packages. If no, use the CLI method.

1) Install available updates

Install available updates on your system up by firing the below command on terminal.

[Update system packages to latest version]
$ sudo dnf update

[System Reboot]
$ sudo reboot

Finally reboot the system.

2) Launch graphical upgrade

After reboot, you will get notification from Gnome software Fedora 24 upgrade is available for installation. Just click the notification or launch the gnome software utility then click the Updates tab.
Hit the Download button to download the Fedora 24 upgrade packages. This may take some time because need to download lots packages. Packages downloading under-progress.
When the download is complete, you will get the below screen which is insist you to backup your system before hit Install button.
While Clicking the Install button, you will get below pop-up window. Hit Cancel button to cancel the upgrade or Hit Restart & Install button to double confirm the upgrade.

Immediately it will reboot the system and perform the upgrade. Upgrade under-process.
Once the update finished, the system rebooted one more time and came back up to the Fedora 24 login screen. after login you will get the below screen which will shows list of updated packages.
I didn’t face any issue while upgrading Fedora 24 from Fedora 23 through Graphical method. Upgrade went smoothly, hands-of to Fedora team.

3) Useful Fedora 24 Articles

Whoever preferring GUI instead of CLI, they can do the upgrade nicely….Enjoy…)

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