BodhiLinux 3.1.0 Release notes and upgrade

Jeff Hoogland has announced the first update release of Bodhi Linux 3.1.0 for Bodhi 3’s stable branch on August 12, 2015. This release is a bigger deal for the Bodhi team than our previous update releases have been in the past. The reason for this is because this release is the first to use the Moksha Desktop which we have forked from E17. Because it is built on the rock solid foundation that E17 provides, even this first release of the Moksha Desktop is stable and is something everybody feel comfortable using in a production environment.

What’s new in Bodhi Linux 3.1.0

  • Moksha Desktop 0.1.0
  • Kernel 4.1.5
  • Mariadb 10.0.21
  • Gnome 3.16.3
  • httpd 2.4.16
  • inkscape 0.91
  • libreoffice 5.0
  • mate-desktop 1.10.1
  • firefox 40.0
  • chromium 44.0
  • gimp 2.8.14
  • glibc 2.22
  • openjdk 8u60
  • openssl 1.0.2d
  • php 5.6.12
  • perl 5.22.0
  • python 3.4.3
  • qt 5.5.0
  • samba 4.2.3
  • thunderbird 38.1.0
  • NVIDIA 352.30
  • BodhiLinux Release Notes

Note : 1) Don’t forget to take backup of your important/valuable data. If something goes wrong we will install freshly and restore the data.
2) Bodhi Linux Upgrade will take time based on your internet connection and package which you have installed on your

Download Bodhi Linux 3.1.0 images

1) Checking Current Bodhi Linux Version

See the below screen shot which clearly shows, i’m using Bodhi Linux 3.0.0.
Command Line output.

2) Bodhi Linux Upgrade

Use the below commands to upgrade your existing operating system to latest version of Bodhi Linux 3.1.0.

# Update repository list #
[email protected] [~]# sudo apt-get update

# Upgrade Operating System #
[email protected] [~]# sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

3) Checking Upgraded Bodhi Linux Version

See the below screen shot which is shows Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 only and i got confused.
Then I have checked Bodhi QuickStart page and I come to know its latest version because earlier it shows Enlightenment Desktop Link and now its shows Moksha Desktop Link.

4) Installing Moksha desktop on Bodhi

To install Moksha over your previous E17.6 install on Bodhi 3 simply run your system updates and then in terminal run. Finally I can see the upgraded Bodhi Linux version of 3.1.0 after Moksha desktop installed on my desktop.

# Installing Moksha desktop on Bodhi #
[email protected] [~]# apt-get install bodhi-desktop-moksha

Upgrade Bodhi Linux 3.1.0 and update your valuable comments here….)

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