Top-10 Websites (Linux Blogs) to learn Linux

Linux is ocean and nobody can say i know everything about Linux & open-source if so, no one can believe you because that’s not true. We can swim and learn about Linux & open-source. Here I’m listing Top-10 websites which is publishing awesome and cutting edge articles about open-source products and Linux Distro such as RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Mageia, Archi Linux, Manjaro, Kali Linux & openSUSE.

You may think i have missed some of the top websites like wepudp8, omgubuntu those are focusing & publishing mainly Ubuntu based articles, we have a plan to list out top 10 websites which is publishing articles about Ubuntu. Also have a plan to list out Linux Latest News & software update websites such as Distrowatch, softpedia, etc…, Until read the Top 10 websites which is listed below. Daily i used to visit the below list of sites to know the new things about Linux. We are publishing lots of article based on all distro you can read by visiting 2daygeek website.

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1) Cyberciti

CyberCiti previously known as is one of the oldest Linux blog was started on May 2002. It’s having big collection of articles for all kind of Linux stuffs such as Linux basic things, Linux commands, backup tool, monitoring tool, Linux software/package installation & review, virtualization, Package Management tool, hardware related information, etc.., beginner to senior level administrator can easily understand.

2) TheGeekStuff

TheGeekStuff is a another old Linux blog which was created on May 2008. The website covered almost top to bottom about Linux & open-source such a great Linux website and now a days they didn’t write article continuously but they are contacting Linux Related classes @ Los Angeles, California. The Blog founder Ramesh Natarajan wrote many eBooks about Hacks, its completely free you can download and learn to prevent attacks on your environment. Also he developed Password Dragon is a free, easy and secure password manager that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

3) Linoxide

Linoxide previously know as ExpertsLogin is a another old Linux blog which was created on 2006. They are publishing all the latest Linux stuffs & Open-Source related articles with detailed steps which we can easily understand.

4) Unixmen

Unixmen is another well know website which was created on January 2009 and its dedicated to Linux & open-source products. They all are high professional author and making every article nicely with honey.

5) Tecmint

Techmint is one of the most innovative and No.1 best Linux blog ever i seen in Internet. TecMint was started on 15th August 2012 by technical professionals. In short time their achievement is marvelous and become No.1 compare with oldest Linux blogs by publishing cutting edge topics with outstanding way & they reviewing about Linux & open source product such a different way to making out-of-the-box articles.

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