Preview Linux Mint 18.1 (Serena) new features

Cinnamon 3.2 : Improved hardware support

Cinnamon 3.2 supports iio-sensor-proxy, which able to auto-rotate to respond to orientation changes.

Cinnamon 3.2 : Vertical panels

Cinnamon 3.2 supports vertical panels, so you can now place panels on the side of the screen.

Cinnamon 3.2 : Other new features

Here are more new features which were introduced in Cinnamon 3.2

  • The sound applet can now control multiple players and switch between them.
  • The application menu now features full keyboard navigation (and performance improvements)
  • When seeking help, you can upload your system information on the Internet, from the “System Settings” -> “Info” screen.
  • In the Nemo preferences, you can enable an option which goes to the parent folder when you double-click an empty area

Xed : New search bar

Xed is a text editor which was developed by Linux Mint team and added as a default text editor since Linux Mint 18, now getting brand new search bar in bottom.

The search finds results while you are typing and you can jump from one result to the next by pressing Enter. It’s much easier and faster compare with dialog box search.

Added dark theme support and shows red bar when Xed is running with administrative privileges.

Xplayer : Monitor blanking

When you are playing a video in full screen on dual monitor, press the “Blank Other Monitors” button to turn it black the unused one. This feature is available, if you plug an external monitor with laptop too.

Update manager

A new column is added into update manager to show the update resource.

Kernel update window now shows more clear info shorted by version and recommendations, also shows active, most stable and the most secure kernels.

Input Methods

Input Methods configuration tool was completely redesigned and more user friendly now. Users can choose a descried language and rest tool will take care, i mean the tool installs the appropriate input methods for it.


  • The MDM display manager, which is responsible for the login screen, received many technical improvements.
  • Banshee media player was replaced with Rhythmbox due to lack of development upstream.
  • “folder-color-switcher” now supports, so you can modify the color of your folders even if you’re using Mint-Y or Mint-X-Dark.

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