How to access WhatsApp in Web

Everybody knows about WhatsApp but most of us don’t know about Whatsapp web client. WhatsApp team proudly announced the release of WhatsApp web client on January 21th 2015 Which will support Google chrome, Opera web browsers. Now, you can access your WhatsApp account in web browsers without any add-on and plugins. Alternatively we can install WhatsApp in Linux.

How to connect WhatsApp web client

Follow the below procedure to connect WhatsApp web client.

Step-1 :

You should have latest version of WhatsApp (Supported version 2.11.498) check this by visit >> WhatsApp >> menu >> Settings >> Help >> About.

Step-2 :

Open Google chrome or Opera web browser and navigate to see the below screen shot.

Step-3 :

In mobile WhatsApp menu, you will get option WhatsApp Web.
Just hit and scan the QR Code.

Step-4 :

Once the code scanned successfully you will get connected with WhatsApp web. (Note : Keep your phone connected or else it wont work)

Step-5 :

Now, start message with your friends.
Opera Web browser screen shot.
If u forget to logout from web interface don’t worry when u logged into phone, you will get notification to logout.

Note :

  • The conversation will mirror from Web client to phone and phone to web client –this means all of your messages still live on your phone.
  • WhatsApp web client is simply an extension of your phone
  • Your phone needs to stay connected to the internet, so that the web client will work
  • If you are not yet logged out in web client, you will get notification from your phone “Logout from all the computer”, when you click Logout button it will logout from web client

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